Issue with Course Credit Transferring to NC License

I took two InterNACHI continuing education courses (Plumbing Overview, Deck Inspections) and passed the test & received the InterNACHI cert along with the confirmation email, but the NC Home Inspection Board is not reflecting the credit on my roster and they told me over the phone that InterNACHI hasn’t submitted the courses. I took the courses on 9/17 and the course do show up for my Ohio license. Can someone from InterNACHI help me with getting this re-submitted to North Carolina? I sent the NC board the certificates, but they said it has to come directly from InterNACHI. My NC license number was properly added to my profile (and I have not had issues with previous courses being submitted).

Matthew, you may do better directly contacting

Best to you.

Thanks! I sent the email and they replied within about 10 minutes. Apparently NC has a black out period for accepting CEs between 9/10 to 9/30 (9/30 is when licenses expire).

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Matthew, North Carolina does not accept CE courses between September 10th-30th. I suspect that this is reason that your courses did not show up on your NC transcripts.

I’m not sure of the InterNachi’s process but I’m guessing that course taken during this time are not automatically submitted upon completion and may have to be submitted manually and will not be reflected on your transcript until they are submitted and the $5 per credit hour fee paid to the NC licensing board.

Let me know if you are still have problems and I’ll see if I can help.

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