It cost how much????

A friend asked me to hang a large picture, so I did, not too hard, had to climb on a ladder and wrestle the 48 x 48 wood backed frame with the original looking painting actually done on a wood surface. I was thinking it looked expensive but did not ask what it cost for fear of being too nosy or getting too nervous and dropping it or something. After I got it up, he said "I’m glad you didn’t drop it, that painting cost me $30,000. I said "I’m glad I didn’t drop it too because you would have been out $30k. :shock:

Had to help my brother about 10 years ago hang a Rembrant (if I remember correctly) in a private residence. The painting was to be hung about 12’ high and was placed within a hidden retractable security compartment. The painting was in a large very heavy framed glassed enclosure. It weighed well over 100 lbs and we needed to construct bracing and reinforcements within the wall to support the weight. In the beginning we were not even allowed to see the actual painting as they kept a cloth cover over the the front glass to prevent any visuals. Very top secret from fear that the public would learn what artwork was within the residence. Since cost was no issue, and to prevent any possible mishaps, we brought in a small lift to raised the artwork and to have a platform to work off of. The entire proceedure took several days, and has got to rank up there with the most expensive picture ever hung. We got to know the owner pretty well after a few days and were finally allowed to see what we were hanging. It was a very nice painting, but i wouldn’t have forked out the five million plus dollars that he did. Ive never been more nervous in my entire life, nor had more people watch me work. It was like being a celebrity. unfortunately, I couldn’t photogragh the project and add to my job porfolio.

My wife used some of my nails to hang the kids graduation pictures in the living room the other day. :mrgreen:

I came home today and my wife hung a bunch of vacation pics she got frames for and apparently didn’t like the first 35 location she nailed
to. :shock:

Rivets are great to hang pictures with on gypsum board for small items. The rivet heads will not go into the wall as you hit the rivet nail.

A 100# multi-million dollar picture? I’d use the largest lag-bolts I could find and a 1938 Buick frame behind the wall for anchoring.

I have a family member that receives subcontract work to hang pictures in Beverly Hills… the Primary gets about $400 a piece and pays my In-law half. Large mirrors and pictures are “Off the Charts” in cost.

I asked him if he was responsible for damaged artwork… “Nope”

Some “fancy” methods are used to support some of this stuff… but I think he’s got it better than we do… for sure :slight_smile: