It is about to start, but only with your help!

I am trying every avenue I can to better the profession. It seems Wind Mitigations is a big aspect of the profession here in Florida. In an effort to protect our profession and to bring to light the faults within the wind mitigation system, we have been contacted by an attorney.

We are presently within the discovery phase and the attorney has asked for our help. It can only be done with acurate and factual data on the re-inspection companies.

What we need is to contact me via a private message here if you have been improperly paid, not paid at all, paid for “defects” that were not proven or properly disclosed or any other injustice by a re-inspection company. You want me to do things, it takes more than me and 2 people.

With that said, I think I am going to represent a client to purchase a home without a real estate license. I can imagine some of you, thinking “Is he on crack” trying to put a contract together without a Real Estate License is CRAZY and against the law.

Why is it such a big thing? Because the Real Estate professionals protect their profession, its about time we start protecting ours and this is the first step in taking down those who have been taken advantage of us and our brothers and sisters.

Once again, private message me here with the details and I will get back to you and forward YOU to the right agency.

I am trying…just need YOU to help me…

Thank you Russell

Be careful. Practicing real estate without a license is a 3rd degree felony and would also jeopardize all licenses through DBPR including Home Inspection. I’m all for helping the HI industry, but not sure what this would accomplish. (On a side note, don’t take any valuable consideration :)) What is considered valuable consideration (a promise to refer your HI business in the future?) is up to AHJ. Just be careful.

What this will accomplish is a crap storm for the OIR, insurance companies and the r-inspection firms. Do you realize you have people your fellow home inspectors who have been unjustly compensated for services rendered?

And I was making a point with acting a Realtor without a license. But it’s a big thing, because they hang together and defend their profession. We need to do the same.

SThere have been a lot of inspectors working for one of the reinspection companies that are waiting for money and/or getting back charged fees with no documented reason. From what I understand there is an attorney representing inspectors that is bringing this to the attention of citizens and working on collecting monies owed and exposing this to the public. If you have experienced this contact Russ

The whole scheme of the WCE’s colluding with the insurance industry would appear to meet the legal definition of “racketeering”. Of course, I am not an attorney- but have stayed at a Holiday Inn Select.