It is getting to be very difficult to decide!

Who is the best one?

Who can give the correct information, and with some knowledge of the actual reasons for the rules in the NEC?

It is getting to be very difficult to decide!

Here’s another one who will give answers for a price!

What’s Wrong Here?


Close to $200.00 per hour?

Does Randolph have 2 lazy eyes?


Not fair this guy may have this problem!

And I am guessing you think you are the ONLY authority on the subject of the NEC…Right?

So lets talk about Stallcup, Holt, Simmons, Miller and ther others who make millions off their books…are they the ONLY authority in the country. How about the thousands of community college instructors who teach the NEC because they provide a valuable resource to the electrical trade.

Are they not good enough to teach?

Are you saying a person MUST know the complete intent of the change to be able to convey the application of the change?

I believe all educators in our industry who “YOU” feel do not fit your reasoning are and should be offended…the guys who work day in and day out to feed their family and help educate others is in your eyes…not worthy?

So the guys makes $ 200.00 a hour…yeah and when you do american trainco you probably make at least that much…probably around $2,500 - $5,500 a week ( Maybe More )…lets break that down…

I find plenty of things wrong in publications…found a bunch in a 2005 version of the grounding and bonding simplified book from Stalcup and the NFPA…but I also know they mean well and it was an honest mistake…Mike’s books have some errors in it from time to time…is he not worthy?

Let people do their thing…worry about yourself…In the end it is up to the people who they choose to learn from…so to me it is very easy to find good educators…the ones who have dedicated their life around code…I personally dont care what the code was in 1925 for example…I deal with the NOW…and the Present…


I’m trying real hard to stay out of this nonsense, but I feel compelled to point out one thing. Stallcup, Holt, Simmons, Miller, Henry, and even Joe Tedesco all use their name alone. None of them chose to call themselves the “guru”. You did, and now you’re surprised that makes you a target? I’d rather think you got what you asked for.

I would guess i expect as much from you Marc…you only listen to what Marc wants to listen too…And i know he is your idol and i could care less…now when you make the guru reference you show your ignorance…

My site is and I am Paul Abernathy…i own a site and do seminars and helped nachi members for free and was voted member of the year…anyway interesting to know people just dont get it…and oh yes…I will GURU myself against anyone…do i know it all…nope and never claimed it…you seem to to assume it but again i would expect as much…

Now you have no idea of what joe does behind the scenes…who he calls and the crap he spreads…a BiGGER person would simply not let the marketing get in front of the person…it is not anyones concern how i market my site…

I am no mike holt or james stalcup…can i look at pictures and point out defects…yep

Joe Tedesco

Joe Tedesco, Nationwide Presenter & Seminar Leader](

No big deal. Even if you’re not the guru, even if your seminar isn’t up to par, word on the street is that there’s still value in attending. Seems like people report participants get CD’s with bootleg NFPA material there, eh? I wonder how the NFPA feels about that?

You are accusing this man of theft. Do you know if he has permission to use the material? If not, the post is inappropriate.

Let’s see, once again. Do I believe a helpful NACHI MEMBER OF THE YEAR
or a bitter old coot, or a non-member that is a coot worshiper?

As for the term Guru… Have you ever heard of marketing?

Haven’t accused anyone of anything. Just reporting the buzz. Might be true, might not be.

Hey, they both entertain me. Sorta like watching a car crash is entertaining.

Yes, sure have. Interesting branding, to say the least. Hereafter, I decree that I shall be known as “The Grand Poobah of Electricity”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that true about the 2002 and 2005 NEC and NFPA Checklists of the CD?

If so the legal council at the NFPA 1-617-770-3000 should be made aware of this blatant theft!

This is good for a great laugh!

You heard that same thing too? Interesting…

So Marc,

You are saying it is ok for somebody to post something like Marc Shrunk beats his wife and likes kiddie porn, because someone else said it? :roll:

Oh, it’s ok? Just reporting the buzz?


How did you find out? I thought those records were sealed? :wink:


Wow. 94 bucks. Seems like if someone was giving out copies of stuff like that on CD, you could pay for a seminar, get a bootleg CD, and make money! Pay a hundred for a class, and get a few hundred in software. Sign me up! Might not be true, though. You know how people are.

I would point out that Mr Tedesco posted a link a while back to the entire NEC 2008 that had been published by a municipality.

He later removed it.:frowning:

Oh, the humanity! (did you get a copy? :mrgreen:)