It is hot outside!

Hottest it has ever been in June that I can remember. Suppose to top 108 degreees tomorrow. A good 20 degrees over the average around here.

Hot Popcorn (2).jpg

My weather station is registering 100 right now. The pool is a balmy 84.

It is even hotter inside :frowning:

Today one client did not follow directions and open the attic hatch in advance and I could not take pictures in the attic.

Good thing I could work close to the hatch or I could never have cleaned the lens and got the shot before it fogged right up again.

F-ing brutal down here.:mad:


I just left Vegas. It was 111 degrees, but then again, it’s a dry heat.

111 degrees is hot, dry heat or not.

Good, it will kill all of the toxic mold in southern MO. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will actually make the mold grow better in the home. The cool air meeting the warm causes this. Simple building science which you may want to brush up on.:wink:

Well slow it down anyway. Mold grows best at temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees. Temperatures well above 100 F will kill mold and mold spores. Here today 105.

They say its the humidity that kills ya…

On those hot days, going up into the attic…the air is so hot it’s hard to breathe…Thats why we earn, uh…the “big bucks?”

It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity