It May Soon be Tougher to Get-A-Grip

Workers sorry Vise-Grip plant moving to China

Pliers are iconic in Nebraska; 300 workers to watch their jobs go overseas
Nati Harnik / AP

“It’s a kick in the head,” said Gary Oden about the closure of the Vise-Grip plant, where he has worked for 19 years.

I know the same thing happened to me when the bubble began to burst the last two years of Clintons term! However I couldnt find the site site. It will get worse if your boy is elected. Raise taxes on the business owners that employ people. In turn, the cost of doing business goes up. Hence folks get laid off! Raise taxes? What a stupid idea and I think your photo just showed that. Now picture that table full in a year or two of Obamas first term. Hate to see this but sure don’t want it to get worse!