It never fails

I am out of town doing a big IR job and my phone rings non stop for Home Inspections. I scanned 310 images the last two days and still have two days before the job is complete. Its a large plasctic mold factory with tons of panels and MCC’s

Take Hot Yoga with Nick and you will feel bunches better.

Ya have to speak english I don’t speak yankee:p

I thought your home inspection business was booming and your son was taking over the home inspection business.

There you go thinking again it always gets you in trouble;-)

That’s funny.

In Rare form today my son and I scanned a 168 elecreical panels and motors and accumilated another 198 images for a 3 day total if 549 images and one full day to go on this job and a possible 1/2 day on Friday. This has been our largest job yet and did I say the pay is good also.

We only had one electrican pulling dead fronts and replaceing the same.

Ya can not do this trolling the message board 24-7

Yo Nick I met several Japanese robots this week with a company Name of NACHI???

Rock on Mr. Bottger!

You’re the greatest Charlie!!!

Well Thanks Sam but Mr. Bottger died in 1962 they just call me Charley:D

Gee Linas I am so glad you think that I should sleep better tonight. Your dismissed go back to trolling but brfore you go could please spell my name correct:p!!!

Sorry if I upset you Charlee.

You should never say your SORRY someone might beleive you;-)

You must be drinking that kefir stuff! BTW my friends call me Dave… Or… Hooty… Or anything but late for dinner…, Sam works too Charley :wink: that’s funny because I originally wrote ‘Charlie’ … Went and checked the spelling… Changed it to ‘Charley’ … And then erased and went with Mr. B … Lol

Dayum, I wasn’t even born yet at that time… Getting old is better than getting none! :mrgreen:

It does not matter what people call me I just like to harass the 3 stooges. You can start a post on this forum and its a guarantee that one of them will make some senseless response. Its all they do is troll they don’t work;-)

BTW I finished that job today with a total of 851 images in just one building going to take me 3 days to write the report.

Rock on Charley!

That makes my head spin thinking about that, I would love to have been there and watch the master at work.

Did anybody throw candy at You from a balcony there ?