It pays to drive Green

I bought a new Honda civic hybrid in 2004. I put 84,450 miles on it. Had 2 wrecks with it that were not my fault. The car look like new after repairs. Well I started to get phone calls starting last month from car dealers asking me if I would sell it. Well none of them would meet my terms until Wedenday. Well, I am now a proud owner of a new 2007 Honda civic hybrid. The dealer paid me $2,500.00 more than Kelly blue book, and knocked off $3,000.00 from the price of the new car. And I also get to take a $2,100.00 tax credit on my taxes. By the way, My new car is getting 48 mpg around town, and 51 mpg on long trips. I just might have to switch my inspection vehicle over to it with the way the price of gas is going.

wow… nice move.

I like a simple cost per mile equation

Dep. - etc.
Tax right off

My 93 Dodge runs fine with 23 mpg - No bank etc.


So you say, but I know you, Mark. :mrgreen:

LOL Will, I can truthfully blame it all on some one else. :mrgreen: First one, a women flat out ran a red light and I had no were to go but hit her. And the second one I blame the “NAVY”. Yes the NAVY…:shock: I was driving toward Charleston WV and topped a hill. I had semi just off the left front of me. Well when we topped the hill, we found a large card board box in the road. I started to go to the berm, but for the life of me a car was right on my right rear corner. So I had no were to go but to hit the box. So you ask what the Navy has to do with this? Well in the box was a large stainless steel tool box that was making its way down to the VA Navy ship yard. The semi truck that lost it off the truck had just stopped down the road. Some one from the Navy had come up to MN to inspect the loading and approve the homeland security part of it. The WV trooper did not charge the trucker for a unsecured load because he had a statement that he had the Navy man sign off on it stating that it was secured the way that the Navy wanted it. Oh well, they paid to get my car fix. But you were close Will :wink:

I use my wife’s 07’ Nissan Versa (34mpg) for all of my radon pickups and energy audits. I have not figured out how to attach my 28’ extension ladder to it yet.

Hybrids hurt the enviorment more?

Thats what the new study shows due to the xtra process it takes to create the materials, they actual create more enviormental issues being made.

What we do to sell a product:)

For every study there is another study to counter that one. :mrgreen: Oh well. The only thing that is different with my car are three things. The dash electronics because it has added the battery health. I think it is no more than a glorified dummy light showing up as a meter. A small electric motor to assist the gas motor. It is the same one and about the same size as the ones in a average electric golf cart. Just some changes made to it. And yes a battery pack. Don’t look under that seat of the electric golf cart?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a tree hugger save the world type. I do like the fact that it does put out a lot less emissions. But the biggest reasons that I bought it. 51 mpg. :shock: And a gas at $3.25 per gallon, that goes along way

I really think the future of ‘economy’ while being ‘green’ for vehicles is in Diesels and diesel technology…

And no I don’t have one yet…:mrgreen:

You are right there. I have been following the studies concerning diesel and as soon as they can get it cleaner, you will see it as a alternative fuel. :mrgreen: