It was nice to finally meet NACHI's webmaster Tim Eaton & trainer Paul Abernathy.

Prior to last week, I never met NACHI’s webmaster Tim Eaton (he works out of NACHI’s Philadelphia office) although we work together online almost every day. We did a class together (a panel of Tim, Chris Morrell, Russel Ray, and myself) and it went great (too great… we went an hour and a half over).

Same with electrical trainer Paul Abernathy. Paul’s classes were awesome and spilled out into the hallway. Everyone said they learned so much. Everytime I saw Paul talking to folks at the bar or restaurant… they were sitting on the edge of their seats and hanging on Paul’s every word.

It was nice to finally meet you both!

I enjoyed that class immensely. It probably should have been an 8-hour class instead of a mere 2 hours, er, 3½ hours. But I think we learned from the demand for the first one so that we’ll be better prepared for the second one.

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I wish I could have been there but had to catch an early flight. Sounds like it was an awesome experience.