It was only a matter of time...

It appears that the idiots have entered the room…

I had an inspection cancel because a client found an inspector that would perform his inspection, complete with IR for $275.

Now granted my business is doing well, and I always lose a few because of price. But for the 1st time in the history of HI we have the ability to charge more for our services and raise the bar, and some toothless hillbilly who’s business is suffering decides to erode the value of this service.

Nice job Tinkerbell.

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But for the 1st time in the history of HI we have the ability to charge more for our services and raise the barquote]

This is not the first time. We have had that ability for a four point, Wind Mit and probably a few others that I can’t think of right now. We are our own worst enemies. Nothing will change until it becomes difficult to enter the profession of home inspection.

Unfortunately Greg, that “difficulty” is likely not to come. The FL licensing law has passed BUT it appears unlikely (at this Point) that the bill will receive funding.

I suppose the silver lining here is that he’ll likely get himself in trouble with it…if he doesn’t understand the simplicity of its value, its a good bet that he doesn’t understand its use either.

Has been happening to me around here for several years. I have a competitor, who uses IR (no idea on camera or training etc) and charges less than I used to without it. He "borrowed’ some of my advertising ideas, so I get calls from people all of the time asking about the price difference. Figure I probably book 60 - 70 percent of the ones that call despite the higher price. I never say anything negative about him, I explain I know nothing about his process, but that I know about mine and I explain what I do and why I believe it is worth the price.

I actually considered contacting him about working for me last year when I was so busy that I was turning away inspections because I couldn’t get there in time. I could have paid him his full price and still made a nice profit.

In the end, I feel that everyone has to set their own prices according to their own business costs and expectations. If he can make a profit that is acceptable to him at the price he is asking, who am I to say that is wrong? I don’t like it, because it devalues the technology and inspections value in general, but I cannot say it is wrong. I also know that there are local inspectors who charge more than I do and would probably consider me a lowballer. It is all about your perspective.

You’re right of course Kevin…I was out of coffee this morning and was just venting a bit. Losing to low-ballers is nothing new.

This is one of those deals where I was unable to speak with the client…Had I been able, they wouldn’t have shopped around.

Technically… I suppose it was my own fault.

I also have calls from folks who say IR is included with the inspection, a Crying Shame, they should be ashamed of them selves, these Cams cost WAY to much to own as “Another Tool”…absolutely ridiculous…!!!

To be clear, mine is included with the inspection BUT my fees reflect its use.

My problem is, Contractors cutting into the market. There are MANY local contractors, that Want to sell work, that will perform a HI for less than I, and bid a job at the same time.

Don’t look at me!

I give away home inspections with a $900 thermal inspection!

I have to do this because I was getting a cussing from callers looking for a simple home inspection saying “I have a bunch of inspectors who will do it for a whole lot less than that[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]”[/size][/FONT]!

Well I decided not to be a home inspector giving away free thermal imaging, rather it thermographer giving away home inspections at an exorbitant price[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]![/size][/FONT]
[/size][/FONT]If these jerks can’t figure it out…
if you can’t make money in the home inspection field[FONT=Tahoma][size=2], paying $6000 plus training for thermal imaging is not a direction to go. Sure you can get a home inspection over the next guy, but to do it for less?! They’re cutting their throat from both directions![/size][/FONT]
[/size][/FONT]I’ve been cruising the Internet recently (and it’s nothing new[FONT=Tahoma][size=2])[/size][/FONT] I came across a bunch of Texas thermal imaging guys [FONT=Tahoma][size=2]([/size][/FONT]and countless others around the United States) providing substantially false information and misinterpreting thermal scans grossly[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]! An obvious water spot in the ceiling being interpreted as air infiltration![/size][/FONT]
[/size][/FONT]Why do 90% of home inspectors that do thermal imaging have 100% of the pictures on their websites from other sources[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]? I am sick and tired of that condominium picture that Flir put out! Doesn’t anyone find anything worthwhile? I requested a thermal imaging section on this bulletin board so that we could share and learn as well as offer assistance in the interpretation of thermal scans. We see very few postings anymore. What’s going on? Have we just been keeping things to ourselves, or are we not finding anything![/size][/FONT]
[/size][/FONT]Somebody send me some information on these clowns[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]. I have spent well over $19,000 on infrared imaging and I am taking my level II certification next week. They may be screwing up your home inspection stuff, but they are just one step away from screwing up thermal imaging credibility! I will research these morons, and expose their uncertified use of this technology at your local level (one real estate office of time).


I think I know the one you’re talking about (has two images of the same spot from different angles and pallets, but describes as though they are different heat loss findings). At least he’s not using stock images he poached from the net.


I keep looking around for neat stuff and all I find is the same 20 scans!

I don’t know how anyone can do home inspections/IR inspection part time. They think they can work someplace full time during the day and then be able to learn and gain experience in the few hours he isn’t working at his full time job. Yet most of the home inspectors around here are part time home inspectors.

Now those part time home inspectors that are charging 250.00 a job are making more doing one 4 hour job than they are making $12.00 an hour working 16 hours at their day job. If they get two jobs per week, they’re almost making as much as if they worked a full week at their day job. So I can see why they can charge that little because they are able to pay their bills, gain experience (slowly) and build up a client base.

There is likely a multi person HI company is mad at one person home inspection company because that multi person home inspection company has to pay employees and every bill that goes with that employee while we don’t and what that one person home inspection company charges reflects it.

How can they make that mistake? If they are calling that out wrong, then they are likely calling out things from a home inspection wrong.

He probably doesn’t know how to use a moisture meter, or maybe he doesn’t have one!

Here is what I found on yesterday’s inspection, backed up with moisture meter readings, this home owner has a previously undetected plumbing issue.

Are you sure that’s not air infiltration?


Personally, I got tired of some of the BS here and just sort of stopped posting my pictures. I still regularly find stuff, leaks, air infiltration, missing insulation. Now that I have had IR for several years, the things I find stay pretty consistent and just don’t seem exciting to post.

I agree about the people misrepresenting the technology and using stock photos. If you are really using the IR and actually doing inspections it should take no time at all to come up with more than enough sample photos of your own to use.

I did find this one last week. Was something new. This shot is from the bedroom on the other side of the wall is the microwave/range hood combo that is supposed to exhaust through the roof. Instead it is blowing into the wall cavity.

Great! Good find!

One of my first big finds was a dryer venting into an interior wall! Could see it through the furniture against the wall!

I know this gets to be old hat sometimes, but some of us are hanging around here on baited breath waiting for some good scans!

I know you get a bunch of crap sometimes, just don’t respond!

I just posted some new IR’s to my thermal web site that are higher res and good shots. I’m going to submit that site next month for the web-of-the-month if I get it up and running (and pay Dominic his due first (had some computer problems to work out to get to my accounts payable !!!).

Keep those good scans coming you guys…

Funny David!!

What I really get off on is the ones you THINK you know BUT can’t be 100% certain without DESTRUCTIVE methods to tell for sure.

AND then what do you tell the clients?? AND what if taking YOUR advice they tear the wall open AND find nothing. Tell us these tales guys.

Those will be INTERESTING…

Try this one on for size had a two story with finished attic drywall was at a 45 degree angle up to the ceiling and this warm spot just popped up out of no where. The outside ambient was about 40 degrees and the attic was cool. There was an attic above the second story rooms and a separate attic above the garage. You tell me what was going on.

I am with David A you will find no Images on my web site that I did not personally shoot.

Dan If a Hi uses the word THINK in his description of IR problems he won’t be in business long. I use no IR image as a stand alone source when determining problems