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That is a DIFFERENCE, which makes sense, but I was referring to the first post, not this one, which I do appreciate your honesty…expect a call in the future for a Quote, I do not want to be surprised (your prices reflect it’s use)–:))----:stuck_out_tongue:

These happen from time to time. Generally, when something unusual pops up it is a flag that tells you to look closer to find the source (see my example in previous post.) With experience, the time to determine causes seems to decrease.

I common problem around here is insulation installation quality. Often, I find poorly installed insulation - it is there, but not touching the sheetrock and allowing air to infiltrate around it and therefore not really doing its job. That is basically what I report. Have had many builders act self righteous about it and make a big speal about the client paying if they find any insulation behind the wall, etc. I try to be staright with the client and usually can tell them when that is likely to happen. Have also had cases where there was clearly none present and the clients have the builder cut and look stupid.

Cannot really think of any situations that have come up that, I have felt the need to report on that I did not know, or did not figure out, what was going on. This doesn’t mean I am infalible, just that such has not occurred to me yet.

If a situation occurred that truely indicated possible danger (best example I can think of would be high temp readings that could be dangerous) that I could not figure out what was going on, I would report that facts - Infrared inspection shows (problem) (high temperature, etc) - with supporting pictures - cause unknown, further, possibly destructive investigation may be required to diagnos further and properly.

Just like regular inspection - we are generalist and not expers in EVERYTHING. Sometimes we can tell something is not right but do not have the specific knowledge to explain EXCATLY what is wrong. I personally do not feel there is anything wrong with admitting that you do not know everything.

Nice photos!:stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t mind me asking… what did you charge for the inspection?

{You can E-Mail me the price if you want}

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Here’s one from a few weeks ago that I thought was interesting, albeit not dramatic. 3 story townhouse, cool day (by Houston standards) and I see this 96 degree hotspot in the soffit. Turned out to be the exhaust fan in a commode room with a heat register right next to it. Was vented into the soffit (very common practice in Houston, though we do write them up) in an inaccessible part of the attic and sucking the conditioned air right out of the register.

Had me wondering for a few minutes, before I figured out exactly what it was.

Have at this one.

Thanks Frank,

I actually scanned the entire house for this homeowner at the low price of $600.00 CAD

This was a main floor ceiling with a washroom directly above on the second floor. It is my opinion that the drain pipe from the washroom vanity has a connection (below the floor) that is compromised. I will find out on Tue. am, the homeowner has hired a contractor to remove the ceiling fan/light fixture and the drywall (6 feet square) for a visual inspection. I will keep you posted.

I just got the call from the homeowner; the contractor decided to work on this Holiday Mon. and has removed the ceiling fan/light fixture and is in the process of removing the drywall. I’m on my way to this house now and will post my findings as soon as I get back.

BTW Any suggestions on how much I should charge for a re-inspection? :wink:

OK Here it is. The problem turned out to be a cold water pipe (copper) from above. The contractor had to remove the drywall on the backside of the vanity to find and replace the elbow connection.

Nice find and these cameras are not worth the price HUH???

Thanks Charlie, and you know these IR cameras are worth every dollar!

I still think it is air infiltration!!!

[FONT=Arial]Terrific photos! Yu Da Man! :p[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]You just saved this home owner a bundle of money by saving the bathroom floor and living room ceiling from possible Mold & Mildew growth![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Not to mention the health problems that COULD have occurred![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Instead of a 2nd inspection…… I would have charged him for “My Time” which is at the rate of $150.00 per hour.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Once again…. Good Job…… Nice Catch and…. Terrific Photos! [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Keep up the Good Work! :p[/FONT]


No one has leaks anymore. The blueish color is always air infiltration.

…and I still think you are funny!!

BTW This was one of the few times that I could do a visual inspection to confirm my findings. I originally assumed that it was the drain, it turned out to be the 90 on the supply. It was a great learning experience for me.


David A. is just messing around.

Thanks Frank.

It’s funny, the homeowner originally hired me to scan for insulation issues and I found plumbing issues.

C’mon Mario. I knew that.

My bad, sorry.
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