it was so good that I had to post it somewhere else

The following was a reply in a thread somewhere else on the board.

There are a few things that I do: I produce videos, I sell warranties, I post ideas on the message in order to develop a product or service that is well-examined and marketable. Posting thoughts on the InterNACHI message board could be thought of as R&D for products and services that benefit whom? - InterNACHI Members themselves. I think that’s the power of this message board.

When any InterNACHI Member comes up with an idea (good or bad), we as a group can serve each other to offer intelligent criticisms and suggestions that will in turn serve to benefit each of us individually.

This group - this band of inspector brothers - is a unique thing on this little planet of ours. There’s no other creation like this group of inspectors. We can all input and serve each other; or not. There’s a good book that says that we ought to “submit ourselves one to another.” I offer my time and talent in any way that I can to the Membership. I may do it in a manner that is not pleasing to some; it may seem inappropriate to others; but the heart is to serve my fellow InterNACHI Members. Join me.