ITA calls it quits... uh... restructures.

I’m on ITA’s schedule to speak in Denver in January. Perhaps not now. I’m trying to get more information regarding this situation.

From what I understand that have a good program. What say you?

Where can we find the entire quote?

Yes. I was scheduled to do a marketing class for them in January. We were the only multi-table booth at their recent convention in Vegas. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of Inspection Expo.

Can you provide us with a link for the entire quote?

Wow, another one bites the dust.

Never used them , but options are good.

I just put in a call to Scott Guthmann to confirm. If anyone knows Don Norman, call and try to confirm this.

I just spoke with ITA, they’re done in February as Nick stated. I asked if any portion of ITA’s services, materials, expo or education would still be viable and or available after that. The response was a definitive “No”…

There maybe a problem with all of Kaplan Professional Schools, not just the ITA affiliate.

Gotta love life in the real estate biz…

Will writes:


News broke here first message board fans.

Hi to all,

I’m not very surprised tp hear this in the current market, I’d imagine that they will intergrate into Kaplan who owns them and offer some classes at existing Kaplan centers, I understand that their owned classrooms have been on the market for quite some time.

Kevin Omalley, Mike Casey et al made a very smart move selling out when they did 3-4 years ago.



10 years ago. Time flies.

How many licensing laws were written dependent upon their 180 hour, 120 hour models?

It is time to start reviewing and repealing some of these laws pushed by these carpetbaggers.

It does remove some of the incentive behind the ASHI push for licensing bills, since their past presidents will no longer be featuring themselves in ITA classrooms.

Good grief is it really that long ago, surely not??

Interestingly Kaplan is the most profitable part of it’s parent group The Washington Post group, who’s CEO resigned yesterday.



If I remember correctly they sold out in 2002 or 2003. I was at the Expo in 2002 and Kevin was there with his new bride.

Maybe you are right. They were the 2nd biggest school system in the inspection industry.

Yes your correct Greg, Dave Bush and myself were ther manning a NACHI booth, and Kaplans CEO spoke at the event about the take-over and their plans for the business.



Kevin and Gail are family friends. The deal was formed in '02 & '03. Kevin was out in '04 after a short contracted period with them [Kaplan].

I’m actually surprised that they stayed in our space as long as they did.

After Kevin left, ITA just never had the Nick, I mean the knack.

So the question is … who stands to gain or lose $$ by repealing these laws?

Follow the wide open and easy to track “trail” back to who influenced the passage of these laws and these 120 hour models and NHIE.
There you will find the opposition to any effort to repeal the laws.

Once again the question boils down to who will achieve a monetary gain by repealing the laws? There you will find your “champion”.

I seriously doubt that “InterNACHI” has the slightest interest in having any of these laws repealed!
The time and effort would be tremendous and the money spent traveling to each and every state or hiring an attorney in every state that has a home inspectors law would be prohibitive.

In this case {IMHO} I believe you will be jousting alone and championing a cause that no one is interested in!

We have all seen laws were driven by an association and passed for the sole purpose of controlling the home inspectors industry and controlling/driving the entrance requirements and more importantly the continuing education towards one particular Association and their “Educational affiliates”.

In my opinion what’s done is done and unless Nick Gromicko takes a personal interest in this the burden falls strictly on your shoulders.

I wish you luck!