ITA Conference in Las Vegas

Just got back from the ITA conference in Las Vegas. It was enjoyable, but not the same energy as in years past, except of course for the buzz around the InterNACHI’ booth. Watched Nick “work the crowd” and extol the virtues of InterNACHI, and that’s always something to see. He’s a one-man-band, to be sure. Now I have to wash the cigarette smoke out of my hair and clothes and get back to work.

That Rio is one smoke filled resort to be sure. It’s pretty dated as well.

Fewer people at this years event, but hey, look at the current business environment.

I thought Bob Pearson and Mark Cramers classes were the best.

I don’t think the bad economy is to blame, our success seminars are bringing in as many attendees.

I think InterNACHI is to blame. Approved online continuing education is what is hurting ITA. Yes, I said it.

It was a good convention despite low attendance.

Come on now! A suite at the Rio for $58, I stayed at the Orleans for $38… I don’t think anyone was even on my floor over there. Visitor attendance is down throughout Las Vegas, including, but not limited to the ITA Expo…

Inspectors are dropping out of the business here in California on a daily basis. Fewer transactions relate to fewer home inspectors, termite inspectors, escrow officers, title sales people, etc…

BTW, there seemed to be more activity at the ASHI booth than the INACHI booth. What’s that about?

NACHI has been and will continue to be the benchmark of Continuing Education / Business Advancement of the Home Inspection Industry.

Keep up the good work…

Hey Will, why the heck didn’t you stop by and say hi? I was looking forward to meeting you and Jeff Pope (who I just found out didn’t go).

For there only being 300-350 guys there it was pretty good. Nick’s booth was constantly busy. Ours was pretty busy too I used to teach for 7 hours a day and was not half as tired as the conference made me. Trying to keep track of everyone coming through, asking questions, playing with the computers we brought, and trying to swipe our sample reports!

Hey Dom;

I only went through the vendor area twice. Many of the booths were unmanned. I think yours was near the front doors, don’t remember seeing you. Bad timing on my part I guess. I do remember a lot of activity near the ASHI booth as it was adjacent to the Track “B” entry…

Next time I’m in Rancho Cucamonga, I’ll give you a buzz…

What Nick says about the influence of InterNACHI is undoubtedly true, but the depressed economy is also responsible. Interestingly, the age of group meetings and big costly conventions is behind us as we move forward into an age of “satellite” meetings (Nick’s inspector/success seminars) in a cyberspace where more and more things happen on-line. It can be a lonely place, with only the occassional “chat” on-line to remind us that we’re human. And, undoubtedly, some inspectors came to reaffirm a group identity and discover where we’re going. I think there’ll always be a need for that. I was approached by four individuals, all veteran inspectors who felt let down, betrayed, by their organizations and were looking for somewhere else to hang their shingles. I think Nick understands, hence the icon of the InterNACHI space shuttle.

I was overwhelmed by them, but as I told them… their associations aren’t to blame. They aren’t actually moving backwards but rather only appear to be when compared to InterNACHI. It is unreasonable to expect a little national or state association to keep up with us.

The “other” organizations are to blame for failing to prepare for the future. They would have to have been blind not to have seen what InterNACHI has been doing for many years.

Figures, I race off to the bathroom once on the 2nd day and you walk by :mrgreen:

I’m proud of you software vendors all bunched together (not typical for exhibitor booth layouts) and no fights.

They know better with InterNACHI, ASHI and the mini-association… and put us at the end of each of the 3 isles. :smiley:

I enjoyed being around the other software vendors. I had some great conversations with Will for Palm-Tech, Dan from eInspections and Russ and Sean from HG. Next time though I think they should supply us with marshmallow or paintball guns so we have something to do when all the inspectors are off in class :smiley:

Sorry I missed you Dom. I was in Vegas, but I didn’t attend the expo like I had intended. I guess I just got caught up in “Vegas Baby.” :smiley:

I’ll have to go back soon to try and pick up the deposit I made this trip :roll:

Haha. No problem, I’m sure we’ll meet up in the future.