ITA Convention - NACHI or Nothing!

I was fortunate enough to have Nick Gromicko let me work a booth for him at the ITA Convention. NACHI had great materials to distribute to prospective members, knowledgable staff on hand to answer all questions and 5 booths set up for attendees to view. I am continually impressed with the effort NACHI puts forth to benefit it’s members. It truly is an organization that makes the maximum effort for everyone who belongs to have access to discounts, information and service. Nicely done Nick, sign me up to man a booth again next year for you!

Smart move on Nick’s part to let you help run one of the booths at the convention! I know your being there added to the Nachi success.
Catch-up with you at one of the Syracuse meetings. Jim…

NACHI had an awesome presence at the convention, thanks for a fun time to the NACHI group (Nick, Dee, Lisa, etc.) it was fun meeting and hanging out with you guys! For those who did not make the convention, I saw first hand how hard these people above work hard to get us inspectors all the great benifits we have as NACHI members. KUDOS to you all!! Thanks again.

Just got home from the ITA Expo. It was wonderful to meet so many of the people that I speak with on this board for the first time. They definitely put on a hell of an event.

Thanks ITA

Schuyler, you added a lot to the logistical success of our booth!
Thanks for helping so much with a lot of the “drudge” work- like assembling info packets to hand out.
You’re a great one for pitching in and doing - we certainly appreciate it!!

It was especially cool, during the prize drawing, when the prizes were being announced. When someone said: “Free NACHI membership to everyone in the room,” the crowd fell silent. Not exactly the rousing support that one would expect.

Makes you wonder how many members haven’t paid for their membership - and, also, why would anyone pay their membership if they can get it free for attending the ITA show?

Must be a NAHI member

Nah…he’s ASHI. I recognize the Massachusetts accent.:wink:

It could be from the area of lower Rochester, though. They all sound alike.

Don’t believe it, folks -
the crowd roared!!!

Nice try, fella . . .

It was the loudest applause at the show by far.

And we picked up a few very good, experienced inspectors, the kind that pay good money to attend three day educational events.

Some folks stories are really totally pathetic.
Cries of desperation and loneliness!