ITA Home Inspection Course FOR SALE

How did you like the course? I’ve been thinking of using ITA myself.

Go to the classes if you can. skip the mail order stuff if possible.

Thanks for the response Todd. Do you say that because the classes are very worth the time/money… or because they are the better of the 2 options?

I did not go to ITA or take there mail order stuff (although I have since seen it) I took a by mail cource and it had lots of good info, but not enough of what you will need to do real(paid for)inspections.

ITA gets a thumbs up as I know some of thier students that went to there classes. Mail classes are laim in comparrison.

I did the SDI classes at 577 CH’s and when I was done I had to do six months of studying and about 100 ride alongs, 30 of those with a top notch inspector before I felt ready to do my own. All of this with many years experience in the construction trade.

It’s not easy.

I’m an ITA Grad. I had all that material before I started the class. Without the hands-on training, you’re wasting your money and (IMHO) doing a disservice to the profession.