ITC Offers IR Webinar Training

ITC now offers IR webinar training.

$70 for one hour. Wow.

That’s a good price and it’s provided a world renowned name in Infrared Training.

I never heard of them and apparently I’m not alone:

ITC is FLIR’s authorized trainer or at least use to be.

Wrong site. This is the site info They are a FLIR trainer. Compared to Infrared Certified stats, I think they’re OK.:stuck_out_tongue:
Even my site does OK

Linas, your site is ranked higher… 1.4 mil vs. 1.8 mil (lower the number the greater the traffic) than ITC’s. What does that say?

I have noticed that now even the world’s leader in IR training has
started webinars, like we started over two years ago.

Their webinar page rank is 1.8 and ours is 1.9 - and we are newest kid
on the block regarding IR training. They all said we could never do it.
Now they are all following our lead.


Don’t know if you’ve experienced , but I just took the two day 16 hour webinar with John on Feb. 13-14, and I feel as if my money…$500, compared to ITCs $1750 was a very wise decision after talking to folks who have taken the ITC course. Each of them said that John’s class was equal to, if not better than the ITC class, and the savings could be applied to equipment or advertising, or golf, or …well, you know. Just my two cents worth.:slight_smile: