It's 11-11-11.

and Veterans Day.

and I’ve got an 11 am appointment…

Set the alarm for 11:11:11 as well :smiley:

They said on the local news that people born on June 11th, 1981 are 11,111 days old today.

At 11:11 pm I am going to put $111.00 on number 6 of the roulette wheel at Sam’s Town Tunica.

If you arive 11 mins late, you will be starting at 11:11 on 11-11-11 :shock:


Hitting the Casino in just a bit.
Will report back if the numbers combined with tonight’s Full Moon bring lady luck.

I bought 11 Powerball tickets today…:wink:

The ball landed on #5. :frowning:

One of my son’s friends (who is at my house so often, he basically lives here) turned 18 yesterday. He asked me what he can legally do now that he’s turned 18 since he still can’t buy a beer until age 21. I laughed and told him that he can now legally buy a lottery ticket. So he went out and did just that. He bought a lottery ticket just because he could. He hit for $25K. Says he’s up and won’t be buying any more. LOL.

I won at the Casino.