It's Almost That Time....

In some areas of the country…it may already be “that time”, but the traditional slow period that starts in the late fall through winter is close enough for local chapters…or NACHI members where there are no local chapters…to being to plan for some quality training.

With all due respect to the tireless efforts of those trying to provide video training that we can do in our “pajamas”, anyone (which I hope is the majority of members) who have ever attended a live training seminar with good quality instructors and material knows that there is nothing to compare with live training in a gathering of home inspectors.

Even if you should be of the ilk to sleep through the class…you will learn more techniques and acquire more information during the coffee/cigarette breaks than what you had when you came. No one leaves a live training session without picking up new information and new skills. Ever.

NACHI subsidizes two very excellent trainers with a broad enough cirriculum to cover any need.

Joe Farsetta has been to St. Louis each of the last two years (and will hopefully be returning to Missouri again, this fall) and I can personally applaud Joe’s skills as a teacher and a home inspector who has accumulated not only an entire library of knowledge…but the means by which he can share it with inspectors at every level of experience. So can the folks in Mississippi, Tennessee, Canada, New York and elsewhere.

Gerry Beaumont has written and developed classes that cover the spectrum, as well, and has received nothing but rave reviews in all of the places he has held a class.

There is something very wrong with NACHI if we do not have these two very valuable resources to us solidly booked for training through the Fall and Winter of 2008.

The first step is to contact either one of these guys and discuss your training needs and compare schedules. They will talk you through the rest to make your training event happen.

And is St.Louis going to book them?