It's an ill wind

Looking on the bright side of this thwarted airborne terrorism - - perhaps, airlines will get around to banning carry-on altogether.

I for one would welcome it. You can’t get off of these effin’ planes - or on them - what with all the sh*t people bring on board.

There should be a $100 surcharge if you want to bring your sh*t on board. If you’re time is so effin’ valuable that you can’t be waiting an extra 20 minutes until the baggage handlers get you bags to you, you should have no problem paying for the privelege. My guess is that most folks would conclude that “You know what? My time isn’t that valuable.”

That should pretty much speed up the security check-in, too, if all people have to scan is a newspaper, a magazine or a book.

They had to wait over two hours at the beginning–what’s another 20 - 30 minutes if it leads to safety? Some folks just don’t plan their time well.

Vacationers going to see Aunt Millie.

That’s my point. You wouldn’t have to wait two hours at the beginning. You could reduce that to about 45 minutes.

Let the dopes willing to pay a $100 surcharge, waste that extra hour and 15 minutes going through a separate security line for morons bringing their precious luggage on board.

BTW, that’s what the line should be designated as “MORON SECURITY CHECK-IN”.

At least when your waiting for the frigging bag to hit the carousel you can sit and wait with your shoes on.

So you ban carry on, next it will be all luggage. Were does it stop? The Terrorists have struck again seemingly by threat. If this security measure continues, you can bet it will have a very drastic result for travel, tourism, and everything inbetween. Its gotten to the point that just through threat the Terrorists have struck yet again at a very vital transportation sector. Destablize the economy by targeting large national carriers, and tourism. Economic time bomb ticking in regards to current events directly related to this latest incident.

We live in interesting times!

Personally, I frequently ship my luggage to my destination. It costs about $25 each way. Well worth it in my opinion. For one thing, you don’t have to schlep your gear through two airports; second, you can take public transportation from most destinations without having to schlep yit; finally, your luggage is already in your room when you get there.

I want another rule with the no carry-on one — flying nude would remove all additional security issues. Check in time would really go fast. If some objected they could dress in airline supplied hospital house coats

Maybe some clothing mfg could get a line of cloths approved for air travel that would be invisible to a new detector

Here’s a less intrusive rule: NO MUSLIMS may fly on any airline.