It's Back !..New Forum!

Welcome back everyone…


Hello! It looks really good so far!

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Not being able to see member’s location is a big disadvantage.

So many answers are location specific.

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And how did I go backwards to being a CPI again?

Welcome back all!

Well this is certainly “different”

Hmmmmmmmmmm Oh my it has typo police!?

Smooth look, Making this test post.

Where do you mark all read?

This is going to take some getting used to.


Ba Ba I don’t like it:joy:pleading_face: bring back the old forum:grinning:

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Looks familiar.

That will make it easier to combine the two in the future :grin:

Dang, I already miss the old forum’s Ignore feature.

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Needs some work. Like that I can have a home screen icon on android.

I concur. *note. Now Posts must be 10 characters. Looks like my spell check might meltdown:grinning:

Yikes ,I’m afraid the new forum is going to be for the remaining 10% that don’t do facebook.

Click on the name to see location. You’ll see it if they entered location in their profile.

And so far this new MB is about as active as ASHI’s.

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If it weren’t for the Happy Birthday announcements there would be crickets. :slight_smile: