It's Bad All Over!

Wife got a ticket last week. Don’t know the speed, I wasn’t there. This week we get a letter from a lawyer who expresses his sympathy for getting a speeding ticket and offers to represent my wife for as little as $395.00. For a speeding ticket, go figure. It’s bad all over fellas. The ambulance chasers are hurtin’.


If she pays the speeding ticket, my guess it is less than $395 (attorney’s fee) but may put some points on her driving record. First, I would call to find out the fine. It will probably be cheaper and forget the attorney. I haven’t had many speeding tickets, but never had an attorney “get me out of one”…

Ask him if he can beat a quote you got from another lawyer for $295?


Or like the “injury lawyers…You pay nothing unless we win your case!!”


$395.00 for a speeding ticket. Well that should be a wakeup call to most people that 98% of what cops do is collect revenue for the state. “Back the Blue till it happens to you”…It is a Just-us system, if you fight the ticket just know that the police, prosecutor and The Judge is being paid out of that Revenue collected from “the innocent till proven guilty”…What will the judge rule, take a guess.

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It’s not the attorney fee or the fine that will hurt you, it’s the bloodsucking insurance company that will make you pay (increase your payment) for the next three years that really hurts.

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Not what he posted.

The lawyer wants $395 to defend against the ticket. Could be a $75.00 ticket for all we know.

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I was once told that the easiest way out of a speeding ticket is to ask for the calibration records for the radar gun. Story has it that most aren’t calibrated as often as they are supposed to be.


In this case, the Police told on themselves and notified the court voluntarily.


If the speeder had a job where the points associated with the ticket could affect their employment status, then $395 would probably be money well spent if the attorney was successful in having the ticket dismissed.


Here in NC if your more than 15mph over the limit you automatically have your license suspended for 60 days. Unless you hire a lawyer to plea it down and that starts around $500.

Ambulance chasers have no morals. they’ll chase their mother if they can make a buck.