It's been a good week for the "We'll Buy Your Home Back" program.

We bought a house back in Michigan for 192,900 last week and accepted an offer for $26K over asking this week. We’re set to close next month.

Then we entered into an agreement to buy a 1.8 million dollar home in Colorado only to have someone come along who wanted the home so much that they paid us $50K to assign it to them.

Buying another one soon in Quebec.

Nice profit, especially for doing basically nothing, (the American dream).


Congratulations !

Nice … The homebuilders in my area been doing that for 5 yrs as a way to nix lawsuits in the bud … BUY HOUSE BACK

So, it looks like the buy-back program is paying for itself. At what point will it be free to all InterNACHI members?

It’s only 5 bucks ? That is basically Free !!


And you get all the marketing materials you want, for free, forever. Shipping free too. No brainer.

Free? You mean I don’t have to be a dues-paying member of InterNACHI to access these benefits?

It was mostly a tongue-in-cheek comment, and I am not saying that $5 is an unreasonable fee, but if the program is a net gain for InterNACHI, wouldn’t it make sense to open it up to all members, free of charge, and bring in even more properties to resell?

Of course, this rests on the premise that the program is a net gain. Is it?

Yes, you have to be a dues-paying member of InterNACHi to access Inspector Membership Benefits and Competitive Advantages - InterNACHI but the money doesn’t go to InterNACHI.