It's Getting Hot in Here

House today was 1958 with the blown paper type insulation…maybe a duct was leaking in there.


seldom achieved 1/2 air change per minute

does not factor for humidity

w/humidity if you can convert

my policy is 15min in 15 out until the job is done

I don’t use a chisel , I carry a big daddy wrecking bar and it peels of a two foot strip at a time haha:mrgreen:

I often have buyers comment that it is a shame I have to go into the hot attic (This is when they see me coming back down with sweat dripping off me.)

I always tell them that it is a matter of putting things into the proper perspective. I say, " Most people have to pay to go to a sauna, I get paid to do it"


Some are comfortable and you can hang out. Others you just can’t be in as long at one time.


That’s a great one.

It depends on some attics especially the ones that are poorly ventilated. I have see some attics be about 10 to 15 degrees hotter then outside temps to all the way up to 30-40 degrees hotter.

Direct TV tech’ had major issues in my attic. He almost fell coming down the ladder while exiting, then sat in garage and passed out. EMT that came to the scene stated 10 mins before the body CAN start to suffer a heat related illness. She also stated going from AC to hot attic is a major NO.

You have a pool.

Not at the new house…just a hot tub…I could stop at the old house and jump in that pool, the tenants won’t mind! :slight_smile:

go jump in the boat launch area.

Not advisable…you should see the slime I have to wash off the Mako when I take it out! :shock: