It's gonna get cold in north Florida this weekend..

It’s gonna get cold in north Florida this weekend…
Saturday night in the upper twenties… I hate it ! Yep!
We have been bogged in for day now.

It’s already cold in Daytona.

It’s been cold here for days along with rain and wind…

I’m sweating right now, but I see it coming.

I can’t wait :smiley:


What a bunch of wimps.

I just stopped wearing shorts last week, when it got in the 20’s in the morning.

30’s and 40’s here all week, still wearing my short sleeve shirts. When it gets a little colder, I may wear a long sleeve t-shirt under my uniform short sleeve polo.

Don’t call me a bunch of wimps you WV billy!
Just make sure you cuddle up to my girlfriend through these cold winter nights…OK!..You know! Huh?
I leave her in your …hands… What a mistake on my part…
She will let me know if you ain’t been properly carin’ for her…Huh?
Tell her I love her!

That’s our current situation lol…at least we got some needed rain

Should be a beautiful day in Disney! :slight_smile:

It’s not raining here yet but it is cold.

Ok… now it’s raining and freaking cold. :wink:

Cold and rainy now

Poor Florida boys my heart goes out to you . lololololololoolol

42 this morning burrrr.

It’s in the twenties right now! …Man I hate it! Yep!

Frost… yuck!!!

Just took this pic…

Wow, a HEAT Wave!!

When it’s in the 40’s here, I debate whether to do inspections in my flip flops and tank tops!

What a bunch of wimps!! lol

Ahhhh ! Shut up!