Its me Lydia

New girl
Hello everybody, I hope this would be right place to tell something about me. Just tell me if this is a wrong place. I am glad to hear that. I am 23 years of age. I am a college student took up nursing in Davao city, Philippines. I’ve visited more sites to have more friends as well as meeting new faces at all.
See yah around
Lydia :smiley:

Well aside from this being a home inspection message board I would have to say wrong place, unless your new to the industry. if so welcome. If not good luck.

Quit trolling Troy:)


enough said

Lydia love you long time Troy. :wink:


Right? b ut if you’d like to chime in on some of the threads and maybe have alittle party afterward we are more then willing to comfort your needs…


Wrong board Adam

Why does that name Lydia sound familiar?


Were you living in the Philippines back in 1982? I was stationed there and had a great time downtown.

Ahhhh… The Phillipines back in the 80’s… overnight papers,jeepneys,the smell of $hit River in the morning, San Miguel Beer, the loves of my life, I love you no $hit.

Yea, we use to bring them home to our barracks and once we did our thing, they would then go to another soldiers room.

I had a great time.

Shame on you Dave!!!:wink:

It’s all part of being a serviceman…things happen.

Ahh yes…the Pasig River…who can forget that?
manila river.jpg

:roll: Yeah, Dave, that all depends what man was serviceing. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

I just dug through some old files.

Lydia, Is this you?

That looks like Lydia’s daughter.

I notice Lydia’s gotten “positive feedback” already!


Isn’t that just funny, it just shows you some of the guys are horn dogs.
She didn’t provide any useful info, but seriously she sure stirred the pot and brought many memories to all, I’m sure bad and by some of the Post’s very good ones!!