Its not a bird Its not a plane

Its not superman nor a bucket, its a sump pump bucket on the roof.

I sware after all my years I thought I had seen most everything that some one could possibily think of. This pump still did not keep the roof from leaking on to the front porch thru its overhang. I used the IR just for giggles I had no Delta T so I changed to a different Palette and was able to see a pattern. I normally use the Iron Palette but changed to Hi Rain .

The IR image was taken from on the front porch area below this flat roof with an outside ambient of 40 degrees

Looks like they got their scuppers a tad high

Looks like vinyl pool liner, Charley…unbelieveable is right…:stuck_out_tongue:

It was to provide a place for the birds to bathe and if too many birds came in at the same time, the water would overflow and out the scuppers preventing them from drowning… :shock:

And you can’t see that from the ground. Amazing

Did you drill a hole to relieve the pressure. LOL