It's Official. CanNachi approved

:)Consumer Protection BC Approves CanNachi to Credential BC Home Inspectors {February 5, 2010} - VICTORIA, BC – Consumer Protection BC has approved the Alliston Ontario based Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Inc. (CanNACHI) as an association appropriate to assess the qualifications of home inspectors applying for licenses under the BC Home Inspector Licensing Regulation.
Consumer Protection BC will recognize the CanNACHI designations of Associate and Certified Master Home Inspector.
CanNACHI joins the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI BC), the National Certification Program for Canadian Home and Property Inspectors, and the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC) as organizations who are acceptable to issue credentials which serve as the basis for licensing under the BC Home Inspector Licensing Regulation.
The existing three organizations were approved by the BC Government as part of the introduction of the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation on March 31, 2009. CanNACHI is the first group to be approved by Consumer Protection BC having met all the necessary criteria for an organization to train, qualify, oversee, manage and discipline its members in home inspection practice.
A complete list of the criteria Consumer Protection BC uses to evaluate an association or authority can be found on our web site under the Home Inspector licensing section.
New entrants into the home inspector trade may now obtain a credential from CanNACHI and submit that as part of their BC home inspector licensing application. Existing licensees who obtain the credential from CanNACHI may also use that as the basis for continued licensing and renewal of their BC home inspector licence.

Smooth move Good for Cannachi Great news … Roy


Ho Ho Ho !

Great News!!


I second that :slight_smile:

Isn’t it exciting?


And now…BC moves into the next stage of the licensing evolution.

This is where CAPHI licensed inspectors have to take extra measures to demonstrate to the public that a license is not really enough to distinguish a qualified home inspector…since many, many other “lesser” associations are also able to contribute.

The public will be warned…as ASHI warns those in Arizona and other states…that licensing is merely a “minimum basic first step” toward becoming a good inspector. CAPHI (ASHI) membership excludes those licensed inspectors who cannot cut the mustard.

Watch and see.

Then will come the third phase, where the flood of newbies will argue that a license is a significant indicator of quality and the public should select…among those licensed…the most competitive (or lowest) fee.

With lowballers feeding from the bottom…and others sniping at the top…licensing as a “credential” will be meaningless.

James - “that licensing is merely a “minimum basic first step” toward becoming a good inspector. CAPHI (ASHI) membership excludes those licensed inspectors who cannot cut the mustard.”

I think you are converting this one!

So is it about numbers or credibility?

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I don’t understand the question.

Please note that the BPCPA is now known as Consumer Protection BC. Any information you may require about CanNachi in British Columbia may be found at the following link.](


From Consumer Protection BC website:

Realtors should not:

make a referral to a home inspector if there is a conflict of interest regarding a home inspection that results in a material gain for the home inspector.

IMHO, there’s always a conflict of interest called the RE commission of sometimes up $30,000 + !!! Again, IMHO, 95%+ of realtors (used house salespersons) refer the HI’s that have the shorter inspection times and have fluff reports that barely meet the SOP’s.


Realtors should not be allowed to refer HI’s…PERIOD!!! They have a **BIG **conflict of interest!!


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I second that and I third that.

But the BPCPA has mad a HUGE mistake by stating “a material gain for the home inspector” What about the Realtor? Its almost like the BPCPA is saying that only home inspectors can be unethical or have a conflict of interest.

I can guarantee everyone that a Realtor can have a conflict of interest with significant material gain, not 4 or 500 bucks… But, the Real estate boards don’t care, they dont see it because money keeps making the world spin.

Even better, now that inspectors are licensed or qualified the Realtor must be off the hook… The client had a home inspection didnt they? Talk to the inspector your honour…

I totally disagree, Brian, and Mark. I’ve heard this argument over and over, and over again, and I think a good realtor/agent will look for, and refer only good inspectors. 95% of my business comes from realtor referrals, because they know that I will call out every deficiency, and find a viable and economical solution for each of them, wherever possible. No doubt, there are bad real
estate agents, just as there are bad inspectors, but on the whole, I find most of them to be honestly concerned about the welfare of their clients. I simply won’t work with any agent that lacks integrity, or shops for lowballers. For the most part, agents work with a lot of different inspectors, and get to make far better judgement calls as to the quality of his/her inspections, than a 1st or 2nd time buyer, shopping usually by price. I am in no way, out to cause offence. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth.

Good post Harold

worth repeating

I had one agent try to tell me how much to charge and what/what not to put in the report…Needless to say …I don’t deal with him/her anymore


“Again, IMHO, 95%+ of realtors (used house salespersons) refer the HI’s that have the shorter inspection times and have fluff reports that barely meet the SOP’s.”

Douglas and Harold:

So I guess you guys are playing with the 5 or less % of realtors who truly want the best inspection for their clients! Or are you playing with the 95%???

I get 85% of my referrals through past customers, repeat customers from years ago, my website (90% of folks that call me because of the website use my services) and the yellow pages.

I do not have cards/brochures in RE offices nor ads in their publications/guides. I do have some of the 95% call me only for their own/family’s or good friends’ inspections…their regular customers get the fluff HI recommendations!! I now charge more for these inspections!!! If I’m good enough only for their close contact’s needs then I must be worth more!!

The day I get most of my work from RE referrals, I’ll know the quality of my report and service has dropped!! For example, last Friday evening, as I was finishing up delivering and discussing a report with an immigrant couple at 10:30 PM, I was handed a $50 tip as they got service they hadn’t expected.