It's Official.....Obama Wins

Hail to the Chief.


Hold on to your wallet!

As for me, I’m going to begin offering 5% discounts for customers who pay cash.

Here comes the whining. :roll:


Supporters cheer as they gather in Grant Park for the election night party for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in Chicago, Tuesday night, Nov. 4, 2008.

If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

Tomorrow, I’m canceling my health insurance. That will now be free, right? 5% discounts for cash payers. Or, “please make your check out to Joe Funderburk”. I’m done paying taxes and I’m getting on the gravy train. Yee Ha!

Congrats to the Dems… Nice victory!

It is indeed a butt kickin of the GOP.

Now that the fighting is over, its time for all of us to come together and figure out how to survive in a “Socialist Market Economy”.

Us successful inspectors will need help from you subsidized entitlement inspectors on how best to protect our hard earned money from redistribution.

Will, if you are still buying that redistribution of wealth talking point crap, you and your money will be easily parted. :cool:

Don’t fight it. Just relax and let it sink in. Breathe deep.

It’s hard for me to let it go. I live in California, a state completely controlled by the Dems. It’s the highest taxed state in the nation, and were bankrupt. Los Angeles is the #1 sanctuary city in the nation. 42% of the population doesn’t speak english at home. We have a $52 Billion dollar education system with a 24% high school drop out rate. We’ve got the most people on welfare at the highest cost in the nation.

It’s very hard to envision democrat control of the entire government as a positive when its been such a total failure here in California.

I’m actually not too worried about Obama, it’s more about the complete control of the congress by the likes of Pelosi, Reid and “Barney”…

Why Oh Why Ohio? :smiley:

This will set up the perfect storm for the Dems to have no one to blame after 4 years and Palin can run for Prez… :slight_smile:

We get to go to college for free!

The Fat Lady has not sung yet Boys!

CA, OR and WA would beg to differ.

Is that the grant Park party? Yeah, I see Bob Joey, Gerry and JB in front!

Your a Texan, I would consider seceding, hell you already got your native son Bush, maybe we should just give Texas back to the Mexicans. :mrgreen:

Free health care! No taxes! What a country!


Hasn’t Texas already been taken back by Mexico? I know California has…