It's official

You know that there is change in the wind.

According to link above, posted by Gerry P, this is a done deal. So, why can we not know the involved cost’s? Instead of sending emails to George L or to , can’t they be posted right here for any interested party to see?

Hi Brian

Membership dues are a grand total of $399.00 plus tax and nothing more!!

that’s Canadian $

Thanks Gerry. Been away for awhile and trying to catch up.

Welcome back Brian!! You have a lot of catching up to do. ;):cool:

Actually Gerry, we found out that there is no tax on our membership so we have been able to recalculate and the actual number is $396.00. We encourage members to take the three dollar savings down to Timm’s!


Are the Tim’s unionized?

You may want to support your brothers;-)…

WOW…Really Marcel???

Marcel you are a wise azz.

Michel the union joins you at ACHI. You have the process backwards.
They help , not take.

Wow that is a surprise .:wink:

Bada bing!

Badda - boom!:smiley:
And stay tuned. There are some really important and exciting changes coming for our industry in 2011. :wink:

Tony send his best regards…

I forgot Carmela…

I Agree with Robert, NACHI is the best deal!

Bonnes Nouvelles en 2011!

Thank you to all of those who are trying to improve things!

I am no longer unionized!

I must share that as I was working in construction in my Plumbing and Heating trade in Quebec, unions were not a choice but were imposed, they were expensive but had great packages to offer.
(We were told that rules were not always followed and if you wanted to keep your job, well you knew what you had to do).

Here in Quebec there is the Real Estate Board OACIQ - ACAIQ Brokers association, which I am a licensed member of and they will have their say on any legislative proposition.

At the moment, the best deal for Canadian home inspectors is with NACHI-InterNACHI.

With close to 40,000 home inspectors on the message board plus all non-members who join in to help without border limits. (Standard NACHI SOP)
For all those who are willing and ready to help out a fellow inspector for the better of the public.

I know for a fact thet the Canadian Constitution is not about to be reopened and changed on behalf of Home inspectors.

Coming soon in 2011, Hold onto your hard hats! NACHI is cooking up a real storm and it will continue to be adressed for the benefit of all Home inspectors internationally.:slight_smile: