Its raining in the attic. FML

Opened up the attic and discovered it has its own weather system.
Chance of rain lol. outside temp -6 celcius.
Raining in attic while inspecting.
Same house as beam cut out in another post.
Home owner not impressed but was thankful.
All roof vents blocked.
All soffit vents blocked.
Floor register used as gable vent.
Insulation completely soaked.
Good deed done for the day.

wow…glad I don’t see that kind of stuff…

They have started but for got to read the rest of the directions .
Seen a few of these sad the way some people do things .
Thanks for the post and pictures… Roy

I saw one similar where the roofers pulled a combustion vent to re-roof, but sections of the vent in the attic weren’t screwed together, so the vent parted in the attic, dumping moisture-laden products of combustion into the attic during the winter. It looked just like that with ice all over the underside of the sheathing and globs of ice where the roofing nails projected down through the sheathing.

Was there any other source for the moisture (such as bathroom fan or poor air sealing). I find it hard to believe there is that much moisture accumulation just from poor venting.

WOW. That’s a mess. Good find.

Yhis is why I live in the Southeast USofA