its sort of grounded?

good day inspectapros…I have seen a few, and another yesterday…outlets which register on my tester with one really bright light in the middle and one very faint light next to it. Two bright lights is what I want to see (the amber ones) and I encounter enough ‘one lighters’…‘open ground’ and its quite pronounced. but whats with the ones with a bright light and a faint light? can an outlet be ‘kinda grounded’? I used to just throw this on the report as ungrounded but now im not so sure because theres too much stuff I don’t know so I desire input from the much more experienced and knowledgeable.

mike from MN

Was it a switched outlet?

Probably an insufficient ground. Probably an older house with “updated” 3-prong outlets, no?

Erratic readings were found at (the plumbing vent near the Direct TV satellite) when tested with 3-bulb outlet tester indicating improper/unorthodox wiring methods. Corrective action: Have repaired by (an underwater basket weaver) accordingly to ensure outlet is properly installed/wired/grounded.

Underwater basket weaver??? Is that anything like Bubba where I come from.? :slight_smile:

Love the link by the way!!! Thanks

Get yourself a real tester. You’re getting a reading for an ineffective (high resistance) grounding connection.

The three-light testers will barely light up on the outside LED, but the SureTest will show an open ground. Using the menu on the SureTest, you can verify the high resistance grounding connection. Anything over 1 ohm is too high (IMO) and will make it into my report.

thanks for input, outlet not switched because there is power there. not three hole ‘upgrade’ because I pulled a cover and observed a ground wire connected. I am going to try and find the ‘suretest’ tester which Mr. Pope makes reference to. Hopefully the local ‘save big money’ place has one.

mike in MN

It’s been many years since I’ve purchased one (although I have three), but I believe they run somewhere around $300.

Just ordered mine last night based on Jeff feedback on another thread.

It cost me $324 (SureTest 61-165) at

US $161.95 buy it now.

Another for 89.99

But it is ‘ebay’ and it is used. :wink:

Have you ever bought anything used ?

Yes, many times but I try to stay away from buying used electronics online.

Sorry Roy - personal preference.

Be sure to read the insert that comes with it. It’s quite a versitile instrument.

I also tend to shy away from buying used electronics.

Yes, thanks Jeff. There is a learning curve for me with this device.

I have downloaded the instruction manual and just trying to read up on how it works etc. Hopefully, I will receive it by this weekend.

But I am sure I will have question later about this.