It's time our marines do the honorable thing and free Guantanamo political prisoners.

It is dishonorable to obey unjust orders. Unlock the cages and stand down.

And shoot them in the back of the head as they leave.

Place them on an island in the middle of nowhere.

I’m not sure I understand your objection to Gitmo Nick. These are not American citizens, so they are not afforded the rights offered by our Constitution. They are prisoners of war and should be detained until (1) the “war” is over, or (2) they are no longer willing or able to return to the battle field.

One was only 15 when he went there now 27 years old

Why is he there?

How long do you think we should detain someone who intends to kill (or facilitate the killing of) American cilvilians once they’re released?

How long do you think a prisoner of war should be kept in confinement ?

Jeffery, people from Mexico who are not citizens get American rights. Many can even vote. What makes you think these detainees don’t?

Criminals of war !

One could argue that’s the case. The marines are definitely getting close to being guilty of crimes against humanity. Especially since the U.S. has long since ruled many of the people at the Gitmo concentration camp were purchased (some as children) and have been found not guilty.

You can’t travel 1/2 way around the world to other people’s countries, invade those countries by force, purchase children from their own homeland, take them to a far away island, torture them, prohibit family visitation, keep them in captivity for more than a decade, find them not guilty, and then refuse to release them. At least pull those “The few, the proud, the marines” TV commercials. They seem silly now.

Not in a civil court.
Military Law for prisoners of war.
Nothing more or less !

Where did you get that info ?

Some of them did hard time and were tortured simply for wearing the same style watch that some terrorist once wore. It really is shameful.

So ! You think America is shameful ?
Are you a Liberal ?
If it was one of your family that had a father or brothers head cut off you would be singing a different tune. Yep !

What are you talking about? Our own government said they’re not guilty.

Ok ! I don’t know that.
Where did you get that info from ?

Roy, I’ll bet if the Afghan army invaded Florida, purchased your child, took him to a far away island, tortured him, found him not guilty, refused to allow you to see him, then even after being set for release, kept him for years and years in a concentration camp… you’d want to chop off their soldier’s heads with a machete too. I know I would.

First of all they are not Political Prisoners .

A political prisoner is an imprisoned individual who is in prison because they have opposed or criticized the government of their own country.

They are enemy combatants the way I see it .