Its time to vote them out

All the incumbents in the house and senate need to be replaced. We need to send a message to those idiots in Wahsington. The people are the only ones who can do it. Lets vote them out of office.

Hi Bill,

I actually agree with you, however don’t we just get to replace those idiots with more of the same?

I think America needs to look again at the basics of Democracy “A government of the people, by the people, for the people” seems to have been completely bastardized into a 2 party state where the whips and lobbyist’s have the real power and our elected representatives do whatever they are told or paid to do.

Where are the Independents who follow their own conscience and listen to their electorate?



Swinger States

Perhaps we can go back to the original idea and only have a part time Government, made up of people that ACTUALY HAVE JOBS.

Yep yep yep. I think there will be 2 Democratic Senators voted out of office this year… Obama and Biden… oops…:mrgreen:

The independents are still around. We’re just severely out numbered by the welfare masses.

Let’s face it, by the time you add up all the government employees, union employees and welfare recipients they literaly control the direction of the country.

It’s going to get much worse before it gets better. The country is like a drug addict, we need to hit bottom so we can wake up and get started on the road to recovery.


The independents are running for offices just like the Demoncrats and Republicturds!! The problem is to many American Sheeple feel they will waste their vote if they vote for them. If the American Sheeple would vote their conscience then possibly their would be much fewer Demoncrats and Republicturds in office!!

You mean we haven’t :shock:



Unfortunately, I fear we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Why are people so happy?

From Limbaugh’s Friday program

“We screwed 'em big time! October surprise, hello. We screwed 'em again,” meaning the Republicans, and there wasn’t a Republican anywhere around. “We did it! We pulled it off, October Surprise.” They had the biggest smiles on their faces. I have never seen people smiling so much over the passage of a simple piece of legislation, and they were not smiling because of how tough this was. They were smiling because of what it is. They just got themselves totally exonerated from any culpability in this. No wonder Barney Frank is smiling. The only thing missing was Chris Dodd. They shoulda brought him over from the Senate and showed him the signed bill.

Bastille day anyone?

They have a JOB.

Hopefully not for too much longer.

Diane Feinstein received more than 85,000 Emails telling her to vote against the bill. Hes response was to the effect that the voters don’t understand and aren’t smart enough to make a good decision.

You know something??..She’s RIGHT!!!

We (actually “they”) will re-elect most of the current Congress because we don’t vote for the “candidate of our choice”–we vote for who we “think” is going to win. They’ll mostly be back…

I, however, will make every effort to *not *vote for the incumbent, especially if he/she voted for this “Rescue plan”.

In the Senate Nelson voted against the bill.

I almost never agree with Joe, however, We are in total agreement on this subject.

For those of you who do not follow government activity on a regular basis, they don’t operate like a profit based corporation. It is absurd to believe the government will turn a profit on real estate owned in which the private sector was unable to in some cases almost give away.

The government is becoming a socialist philanthropic entity, designed by its controlling members to do nothing other than garner more votes for their never ending thirst for power and control over the people.

We must vote them out and do it very quickly…

Unfortunately, almost every “independent voter” seems to think that voting comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils. Hence virtually every race boils down horse race between the (insert name of nominee) of Special Interest Conglomerate A and the (insert name of nominee) of Special Interest Conglomerate B. People need to stop supporting these government pimps altogether.

You ain’t Seen Nothin’ yet

Oh and here is a news story on the same topic

Please stay in line, one meltdown & subsequent bailout at a time. :smiley: