It's Time!!!!!

It’s time to vote! Yes, you actually have to go out and vote. This is something not enough of us do. We are a country that believes everything will just work itself out, and my vote doesn’t count.
WRONG!! This election is where we are deciding who is going to be in charge of our individual little states. It’s where the Popular Vote actually decides who takes office. So if you don’t vote, the other candidate might actually win.
I don’t know if anyone else saw it or not, but I remember when Iraq had it’s first election not too long ago, and people were being threatened that if they tried to vote they would be killed. And still the people went out to vote! What does that say about us that come up with excuses like, “I’ve gotta work”, or “It’s cold out, I don’t want to go out”, or “Oh like it matters.”
There is no excuse. Get out and vote. And if you’re not registered to vote, try being a member of our society and getting registered! It’s not just a privilege, it’s your right. And it’s a right you need to exercise!! You aren’t allowed to complain about how bad the government is unless you vote.

While I agree that we should exercise our right to vote, it’s even more important to know why you are voting and who you are voting for. Read this article from 1999 and ask yourself if you really want these people to vote.:frowning:

Right On Scott!
I always tell people…you can’t complain about who is in office if you didn’t even bother to vote!

A lot of eligible voters do not vote because they honestly can not make up their minds and consciously do not vote because they do not want their possibly ill-considered choice to skew the result. Still others do not vote out of cynicism, not apathy. Not all non-voters are apolitical or politically unhip. Some are making a statement by not voting.

I often ask people who complain about laws, politicians or Judicial decisions if they voted in the last election. Makes for some interesting looks. Try it sometime and see. It does matter who we elect to office. Get informed and go vote.

When the choices for president were limited to Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon in 1968, I actually received three write-in votes.

While they were not enough to carry my state, I still remain grateful to the educated voters who chose a 14-year old junior high student who would have been too young to get a room in the Watergate Hotel on his own.:wink:

I do the same thing…I ask if they bothered to vote. It’s usually the loudest complainers who didn’t vote. I am amazed how many people are not even registered! Both my kids love voting. I got my sister to vote for the first time in the last presidential election.

There is no longer any excuses not to vote when it comes to being inconvenienced. My wife often uses the absentee ballot while I prefer to go through the process of going to the polls. The poll workers have to be there all day and we as citizens ought to get off our lazy butts and make the effort of going to vote. Ive been to too many places where they do not get to vote or if they do it is already fixed. We are so very fortunate to live in this country. Too many live here and do not appreciate the sacrifices made by thousands so we can have the freedoms we enjoy.