I've buried the ASHI hatchet as of Midnight tonight.

Yes it is true. I’m done fighting with ASHI. You won’t hear me ever bash them again (on the message board or in person).

As our industry begins to mature… it is best we stop shooting at each other. I’ll stop first.

I ask that ASHI members (especially ASHI industry leaders) join me in peace from here on out.


I want to personally thank you for stepping up to the plate and being a true professional.

Thank you. I believe that the peace is good for all.


So you’re throwing in the towel…Well, it’s about time.

I dedicate this song to you…

I’ll believe it when I see it. :roll:

Great news! Now we can get our head out of our a$$ and work on whirled peas.



SO…are you going to bury any with NAHI also…;)…ok I could not resist…:slight_smile:

I’ll believe it when I **don’t **see it.

The End Times are upon us . . .
This must be a Birthday Revelation!


I, for one, have no objection to this. I’ve always been for peace among orgs.
Something is going on, though, I’ll bet . . .
Have they done away with “candidate” status, as per rumors of that happening?

Hmmm, that is interesting, but I do belive there is more to it than that.:wink:

What’s that, Todd -
Nick bought ASHI?

I bet he did.


Veeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy interesting. Could be, maybe, ? Only time will tell. :wink:

Peace be with you Nick :slight_smile:

More likely he was served with a “Cease and Desist”! :neutral:

I do not think so that I feel would get him going big time .
I have been known to be wrong before . Roy Sr.

Thanks Nick,
Now I wont get beat up anymore, From the land of ASHI.


You have to admit that things have been a lot better for NACHI inspectors around here lately. Don’t you think?