I've contacted the White House and offered to build the Obama Care site for free.

InterNACHI’s I.T. Department says they’d need about 4 days to get it running perfectly.

If that doesn’t work out maybe they can come up with a fix for the iPhone app. It keeps turning off and you need to restart all the time.

I can’t even remember the last time InterNACHI’s website went down.

Website works great. The app has an issue, unless I’m the only one that the app just keeps shutting down and need to restart often.

The app isn’t very good IMHO.

InterNACHI’s website and forum are smokin fast…:p:D


Nope. We didn’t go down at all yesterday. Not even for a second.

And our site is fast from everywhere in the world (we have members around the globe).

then is was Tuesday

And yes the site was down. check the logs

I even checked it on just me or everyone.

I know when this site goes down. There are thousands of people, sometimes tens of thousands on InterNACHI’s site at any one time. This message board, the exam systems, the courses, the quizzes, the report uploading systems, the online agreement systems, the inspector search sites, and on and on. When InterNACHI’s website blinks, even for a second, all hell breaks loose on my end.

I will say it again it was down for 20 to 30 minutes.

I verified with the site I posted.

LOL! That would be disastrous. I can’t even imagine.

An still it happened.

You were probably in the crapper :wink:

All of our phones and emails blow up when we go down for even 10 seconds. It’s total madness.

So you say:roll:

Log report:

Uptime Report 2013-11-21 13-22-29-2 copy.jpg

With out knowing how that report is constructed it is meaningless.

Nick, I don’t lie it was down and don’t need to make crap up like others.

NACHI site is remarkably robust but nothing is perfect and lack of access to the site can be brought on by factors outside your control.

Every other site I visited during that outage loaded just fine except NACHI.org.

One of our servers was down on the 18th for the time you described, but it was a server outside the U.S. Not sure how you would have been on it, but I guess it is possible.

I have no idea but thanks for backing me up.

I have not need to lie to you.

Stuff happens.