I've had the same simple cell phone for 7 years, should I go to an Android or what?

I don’t want an iPhone because I find Mac products (typing this post on a buggy MacBook Pro with the spinning colorful pinwheel) to suffer from very poor design.

Anyway, anyone have this Android thing?

Who is your carrier.
If you have Sprint you want the EVO 4
If you have AT&T you want the iphone.
Verizon you want a Droid.
Just looking for good signal and email then a Blackberry is the most reliable.

Androids are nice because of the apps syncing with Google.
Battery life sucks with them however.

I don’t want to surf the web on a 2" screen.
I don’t want to send text to people I don’t like to find out what they had for lunch.
I don’t want to read text from people I don’t like asking me what I had for lunch.
If I find it necessary to do email, I have a laptop with me at all times.
All I want to do on a phone is talk, and I don’t want to do that any more than necessary.

I’m on Verizon and got the Casio Rock. A very rugged, water proof phone. It has some fun features like a pedometer, a thermometer, high/low tide indicator, camera, flashlight, sunrise/sunset times, moonphase calendar, and a compass. Bluetooth of course. It’s supposed to be nearly indestructible, designed to military specifications. I’m very rough on phones so this was a good fit for me and my occupation.

P.S. I have text messaging blocked on my plan because I don’t want to be charged for reading what someone had for lunch.

My niece (in her forties, so she is not a youngster) was just showing me hers tonight. Pretty nice and lots of fancy thingies that I would never use but for the gadget freaks it is probably a D ticket ride. It was easy to read for the folks that are visually challenged. The very thing I asked about was battery life and she said it was pretty good unless you spend a lot of time surfing the net with several windows or apps open at the same time. Me, personally, I was content with my old bag phone that plugged into the cigarette lighter in the truck and if you got a call the horn would blow. The range was phenominal and it really looked and felt like a real phone for those with regulation size or larger hands.


The right tool for the job!!!

If you only need a phone… buy a phone.

You will find that the new phones with all the bells and whistles have a short life span. My friends seem to replace their fancy gadget phones every year or two.

I have been using a Motorola Razr for 4 years now. Virtually no problems. Had to replace the battery about a year ago. New battery on ebay cost me $4 with shipping. It has camera, text, email capable, but almost never use. That’s what my laptops for.

I had my prior phone (Analog Quaalcom) for 8 years without a single problem. Only upgraded because everything went digital, and they stopped providing analog service.

Also, why pay for the extra services/rates, if your not going to use it? You have better service plan options with standard cell phones.

Let us know what you wind up going with.


Incorrect as Sprint has the simply everything plan that I use and having a basic phone would just be a waste.
I think Nick wants more than a phone from the nineties or he would not be asking.

The problem with getting old (is) so is our thinking.

I have T-Mobile as a carrier and I’ve had an HTC G1 for about a year now and I love it.
I plan to upgrade to one of the newer HTC phones in the near future.

I have an android based phone, the Samsung Moment from Sprint. I also have the $99 unlimited everything plan like Bob. Forget Apple, as long as they sleep with AT&T I’ll never use them! Just note that you’ll now be answering emails no matter where you are.

droid phone is a good way to go Nick. I have one with a keyboard for easier typing with normal man sized fingers. :smiley:

So i need to upgrade from this crank phone?

Nick, Ive been doing this debate as well. Im “stuck” with alltel, so I can get exactly Jack Squat. Basically it comes down to what you want to do on/with your phone. I always believed I would never text anyone, and now I find that it is invaluable. Im with Dom on this one about the Iphone, but im biased too.

I have a Blackberry with a scroll ball. It dials 911 in my pocket and there is no way of locking out that feature. Most likely an IPhone for me, because AT&T reception in my area gets down in the hillbilly country with very few dropped calls.

Every try a mirror on a hill top ? lol

Lol right now i believe he has 50 /50 chance . Let see what the crystal ball says. Or perhaps the old 8 ball will answer.

I have the Droid Incredible from Verizon and (other than battery life) I’m very pleased with it.

I need to be accessible to clients, agents and family. I can be contacted via phone, text email or video message at all hours of the day.

FWIW, I have never been contacted by someone to tell me what they had for lunch. [size=1]:roll:[/size]

It really depends on what you need/want from your “phone.”

I to have the HTC incredible and love it…however, the new Motorola Droid x is supposed to be pretty awesome.

Its all personal preference. I like the Palm Pre, in my opinion it has the best user interface. The Android phones have the most apps. iPhone, well its an iPhone, i don’t like them. Blackberry, well it’s dependable.

Below is some links to help you make your choice. Hope it helps.

P.S. get what fits your needs!

Palm - http://www.precentral.net
Android - http://www.androidcentral.com
iPhone - http://www.tipb.com
BlackBerry - http://crackberry.com

What kind of video messaging service you use?

Love my HTC droid. (Verizon)

There’s an ap for that.

I have a magic 8 ball on my phone! :stuck_out_tongue: