Ivisible Barriers / Gaining Access

Over the last couple of years I have encountered (what I refer to as an invisible barrier) some offices requesting advertising or lease space in offices to gain counter space for brochures or referrals to get business.
I’m concern on several levels:1) code of ethics violations, 2) excessive cost of overhead for those offices that do not work out if this is not a code of ethics violation, 3) can these relationships lead to another avenue of potential lawsuites from homebuyers, colusion, and 4) how will this effect the state of the Home Inspection Profession if this becomes a common occurance in our business.
I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this and how you have worked around or through this issue to gain access, penetration, of office.
Follow up or related issues / questions…
1)Who polices code of ethics violations in our industry? Is it state, federal or both. What are the consequences of violating them?
2) How can we stop this practice by offices?
3)Why are real estate offices and their principals not held to similar standards? They are just as worried about lawsuits as we are, yet they have the ability to open us up to potential lawsuits by playing this game.

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