Ivy, Ivy, and more Ivy.





it may look pretty to some, but that is an insect supper highway, and it’s always rush hour. not to mention the plant itself will grow in small crack and make them bigger, and bigger, leak, rot, bla bla bla. you knew that though didn’t you.

I recently inspected a beautiful older home that had ivy growing up over its front corner, to a height of about 15 feet. The buyer was disappointed to hear about the damage that ivy can do to masonry. And it had almost killed a large tree, too.

There is a similar plant that can be used in place of ivy. It doesn’t cause the damage that ivy can do. It isn’t very common, and I can’t remember the name of that alternative plant.

morning glories is one. they sprout little tiny pig tails that cling to the surface and don’t cause damage, plus the little purple/white flowers are cool to watch as the open in sunlight and close in dark.:cool:

Well now I’m all curious about alternatives to ivy, so I did a search. There are several interesting web pages - here’s one that seems to be a good summary all on one page: http://www.vnps.org/ALTERNATIVESENGLISHIVY.htm

Please be very careful with morning glory where there are kids or pets present. Very pretty to pick etc. BUT, they are poisonous. Also hard to get rid of when you want to.


Poisonous?? i didn’t know that. i knew about pointsetta’a (if thats how you spell it) but not those. good to know thanx.

Please do know that the sometimes common CASTOR BEAN PLANT is poisonous in ALL ITS PARTS and can cause death!!! There is NO antidote for this poison. I see it all too often used in landscapes and I cringe!

Interested reader.

Oleander is another plant we see used a lot in landscaping that is extremely poisonous. Very pretty flowering shrub with many color variations. I always point these out to homebuyers especially if they have small children. Little kids like to put everything in their mouths. It only takes a tiny amount to be fatal. Every part of the plant is toxic. Even the smoke can be deadly if plant is burned on a trash pile.

pretty and dangerouse??? sounds like most of my exs’