J & L foundation in Winnipeg....

yoo fcking hoooooooo, this lady is still getting water in… umm, what’s with the spray foam shtt inside, under the steps, huh?

Duh umm, you need to go back to this house and help the lady and find/locate the problem(s) which… UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, should have been done BEFORE doing any waterproofing, yep.

Ohio State Waterproofing aka, Ohio State Home Services complaint
Duh video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXIp9Ttpwjk

And duh Rip Off Report…

duh video, eh… so wtf did they do? Install a grate-drain at back door (2 areas) and do some minor-azz digging in backyard and maybe install some bullshtt drain tiles in backyard? Huh?

Shtt, anyone with a tad of common sense would never have reccomended this bulshttt, let alone guarantee it!
WTFFFF! loooollll

And these friggin companies are supposedly experienced and honest… huh? bulllfkkgshtt baby.

Some Ohio State Waterproofing complaints

Short video,more Ohio waterproofing bulshttt, just like in Michigan and elsewhere
Buckeye waterproofing

Shttt man, BBB opened their file in 2014… 12 customer complaints since, not 6
The shttty business bureau, under ‘advertising review’ says they umm contacted duh company regarding advertisement claim on Lifetime Transferable Warranties…in an effort to promote FAIR and HONEST advertsing… really?

Well then, why the fk are you just hitting on their chumps bullshttt advertising?

Eh, B Dry, Everdry, Perma Seal, Basement Systems, Foundation shttheads of Michigan etc etc etc etc all do/advertise the SAME… buslllhtt!!! Ya hear me g dammmit

They ALL claim, advertise the same fcg shtttt so WHY is the better dikkhead bureau only shtting on Fukkeye???

Listen you dumb azz scamball mfrs, pull all the terds outta yer jibs and open wide fer Bubba helmet, ya got that?

This entire industry is a bunch of scamball incompetent fk n shttt!
Aided by, some in the media, some realtors, some city inspectors, some home inspectors… and so fkg on!!!

But as usual, everyone will just sit back and choke on Bubba’s helmet until… something happens to their GRANNY, or their Mom, or their friend… bunch of puzzzies!@@#@%#@@@%!@!#@

If GRANNY was the BOSS of the better fk me bureau or Atty General she’d kick the shttt outta these companies as in this video

Perma Seal basement systems in Illi… loool
Maybe just read the first few, they don’t SPEAKIE duh ENgliiiiii etc etc

Got milk?

Perma at least 36 customer complaints just within the last 3 years (shttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, there are more than that)

Here ya go, the cast of Gilligans Island versus Batman on duh Family Feeeeeeeud

Hollywood Sqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqaures, Paul Lynde clips… Paul, does Ann Landers think there’s anything wrong with you if you do your housework in the nude?