Jackson MI, county studying cause of basement flooding

Questions that need to be answered… sheesh

:30 see tWee? lol That means some underground roots along/near wall (s), block basement walls

:32 see exterior corner crack!
and one can see someone slapped some mortar along the GRADE where slab is, like THAT is going to do anything lol, sheesh and soooo many do it too

:35 a vertical crack

So how many OTHER exterior cracks in block walls might there be that allow water in basement and is almost always seen, coming in basement onto floor, where the bottom of the block wall meets the stupid floor?

Were the ext of walls parged by Mr Builder when built? If not, that too may be part of problem

Did anyone bother to think about running a water test with a hose

Story says SHE has a sump pump, well does she also have an INT drainage system that was installed?

WHERE does she, others in Jackson FIRST see the water come in? In middle of basement floor?
Or where bottom of walls and floor meet?

If she/others HAD an INT system installed are they getting water coming UP through the now thinner-concrete these morons re-poured? This happens pretty often.

Is the basement FLOOR all cracked-up lol and water comes UP through ONLY those cracks?
And if so, sometimes some of those cracks in floors, like B walls, will widen over the years = more water

Lateral line problem?

Hey, YOU need to check ALL this shtt baby!!!

Civil engineer says found some water around 5’ deep, hmmm well that doesn’t tell Unc Marky much because one can and sometimes will run into pockets of water at different depths, sometimes just due–to the type-of-backfill that can allow pockets of water to exist…OR…

did engineer run in pocket (s) of water due to the sump pump that, loolll, pumps out water and can cause pockets of water at 2’ deep, 5’ deep etc!!! smfh Just because one may run into pocket (s) of water at 5’ deep doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a high water table, might be and may not.

WE… run into, DIG into pockets of water at different depths, doesn’t necessarily tell me much as mentioned

Sprinkler system? Leak in lateral line pipe? I mean come on

The underground tree roots can drink up quite a bit of water that would normally go in through exterior cracks hence creating a scenario where some homeowners may only leak in spring or a few times a year when heavy, longer rains arrive

That’s enough 4 now :nauseated_face:

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