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Jacksonville, FL
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I fear that i am about to give birth to my son and seem to be having bug problems I’ve tried everything from bombs to spray to see if any of that would ever work and the just keep coming. I am looking for a home inspector to inspect my house because I dont feel it being safe living here when my son is born, I didnt know an of this when i first moved in it was not informed and theirs also a roof leak on top of my roof so everytime it rains it comes down on my carpet had informed the landlord but can’t seem to get any help from him… If you only could contact me it would be highly apreciated I really need some adivce into what my next step is going to be or could be…Thank You!!

Section 83.51, Florida Statutes, requires a landlord to comply with Jacksonville’s building, housing and health codes. This means:

The roof must not leak;
The walls must be weather-tight, and in good repair;
The stairs must be safe for normal use and maintained in good repair;
Windows and doors must be basically weather-tight, water tight, rodent-proof, and kept in sound working condition, and outside doors must have proper locks;
Window panes cannot have cracks and holes, and outside windows must have screens;
Inside floors, walls, ceilings must be basically rodent-proof and kept in sound condition and good repair, and should be safe;
The house or apartment must have hot water, which is connected to the kitchen and bathroom sinks, tub or shower;
All houses or apartments must have a flush toilet in good working condition;
When cooking and heating equipment are provided by the landlord, they must be safely installed and in good working order;
There must be adequate garbage disposal facilities or garbage storage containers;
Every habitable room must have at least two separate floor or wall electric outlets and, additionally, every kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and hallway must have a ceiling or wall-type fixture, or an outlet controlled by a wall switch near the entrance to the room; and
All electrical systems must be in good repair and good working order.

If you are on the Section 8 Voucher Program and the Jacksonville Housing Authority pays a portion of your rent, you should notify your Section 8 caseworker of any problems you encounter in your rental home. The Housing Authority has its own property inspectors and procedures for making a landlord comply with Section 8 property standards, and you should use those procedures before considering withholding your rent from your landlord.

The PDF below will explain all your rights as a tenant in Jacksonville.
Good Luck ,Diana.


Nice and from Chicago too.

I’m surprised you have her name, phone #, and email on an open message board.

I help tenants that call here also.
My way of contributing.

Rented long enough and worked enough properties to know the people who rent often have less means to control the living environment or find other options.
Moving or breaking a lease is costly on a budget.