James H Bushart Must be never be stopped!

Jim is an asset and is appreciated!

So what planet are You from and how long do You plan to be in our galaxy ???

How do you feel about Paul and Joe ,Peter?

The board shows that you are not even a member of InterNACHI.
And which organization are you talking about ASHI, MAR, KAR or the fake (all Kansas inspectors included into) Barnes coalition?

Okay. I’ll do it!

Bushy, stop doing whatever it is that Peter Hill doesn’t want you to be doing, so that we can all get some sleep??

So it’s

Yes, James H Bushart adds nothing to this organization!


No, James H Bushart adds nothing to this organization!

I’m so confused.:shock:

He may be a thorn in your side [with good reasons I’m sure], but around here,…we love him like a brother!

BTW I will be recommending that your user name and this thread be deleted immediatly.

I’ll agree, it’s a flawed poll. So i didn’t vote. >:\|

Nor did I.:smiley:

If it was not for people like Bushart, MAR would have succeed in putting home inspectors under their thumbs. He is an A__hole sometimes but I am very glad he is doing what he does. He stirs up the pot for we can find the $hit. I think there ought to be more inspectors doing what he does. Me and Bushart may not always agree but I know that he can be counted on when needed. You are going to find that most of us NACHI inspectors in Missouri are very proud of the leadership he has provided.
Did I mention the part about him be an A__hole sometimes? :smiley:

Hell, I be interested how a non-member learned to do a Poll right the first time around, it took me a year to run my first poll. :wink:

Besides, like Mike Larson said, I would not know to vote yes or no, :-k(8’)

Marcel :):stuck_out_tongue:

Well…maybe not ***that ***much.;-);-):wink:

Who are you and where do you get the nerve to think that you can come on to our message board and ask about a member being evicted? I rarely agree with Jim Bushart or many of his methods, but I, like James, believe that Jim has done an amazing amount of lobbying to keep stupid licensing out of Missouri. When he was Captain NACHI, he was a real pain in the ***, then he was on the ethics committee and he was a real pain in the ***, and now, oh wait he is still a pain in the *** :slight_smile: but we have been putting up with him for years and I don’t think that you should come on here and ask whether he should stay or go

Gee, Dave, I–I can’t tell…do you agree with the original post or not?:D:D;-):wink:

With less than a week as a guest account and your second post has a poll to decide a full members value to this membership I think you are not only a fool but have no right to say or discuss anything about this membership.
If you feel you want to say something about a member maybe you need to become a member first, as a NON_Member your words are mute, and combative in nature.
The fact that you have the gumption to come into our home and start a thread like this only shows your disrespect.
DO all a favour and stop, go find a different place to peddle your usless poll.
Third option, James offers plenty, you go away, thats my vote…

did anybody mention Jim can be a pain in the ***???

Dag-nab it all, anyway. I tried to send you a greenie, Dave, but I forgot to say good things–but the greenie went out anyway.

But, just for the record–stick it to him, Dave!

You guys have not figured out who Peter is? :slight_smile:

don’t you ever give up?

we sure as hell have a thorn, a very deep malignant narcissist :twisted: