James thinks ne has a clue


ASHI is and will always be. The day NACHI takes over and they are the only association, is the day I will be happier then ever that I do not belong to any of the so called HI associasions.:mrgreen:

In the last 2 months I have asked callers if they have ever heard of NACHI and only one of them has said yes, I see that as fact that belonging to a group means nothing in a State with Licensing. In my oppinion , when it is all said and done it will not matter what group you belong to, but, do you belong to the group that only has the top 10% of HI’s as per qualifications.:D:D:cool:

This will be the difference between 275.00 and 575.00 inspections. It’s coming…:cool:

That means James will be charging 75.00:p:p:p:p

The 10% will be all candidates that cant pass the test to enter NACHI. If they charge 275.00 for an inspection means they are finely raising their fees because they are charging 135.00 now.

According o who’s statistics ?

My guess is the accounting firm of “Scotch and Waters”, with a little help from Jim Beam.:wink:

Typical ASHI comment, spouting out praise till the very end.

It also means nothing if one understands marketing, even in a state without licensing and one where CREIA and ASHI claim to be all the rage, such as, for instance, California.

I won’t even read this thread!
I can vouch that James doesn’t have a clue.

RR, I was just wondering where you’ve been. Working hard, or hardly working?

As you know, most of my volunteer work around here has been with helping NACHI members with their Marketing efforts, but as you’re also probably aware, there are too many people here who are jealous of me and what I do and spend waaaaaaay too much of their time bashing me, bashing those whom I’ve helped, and just totally being disruptive. Consequently, most of my posts now are over at Marketing. Feel free to join us. It’s a registered, moderated forum, but it’s free. Lots of good ideas being bandied about.

I figured as much…

I don’t market much, as I am trying to retire to some extent! :slight_smile:

I have dropped in and there is some good stuff going on there. Keep up the good work. The general bashing does get old. I try my best to “if you don’t have something good to say/add, shut up”! That doesnt always happen, as you can see here! :slight_smile: