Jan 19 2017 Inter Nachi Meeting OKC

Hey guys the monthly meeting for Jan has changed, it is scheduled at 3300 N Santa Fe OKC at the Tri Link building. They are a water restoration company. Hope to see all at the meeting.



I attended many NACHI meeting met a lot of great inspectors .
I found going early worked out great Many good ideas and much information was traded by all .
This can be extremely good for new inspectors just to sit and listen to all. Enjoy… Roy

Had a very good meeting last evening at Tri Link restoration company. They also have a house of Horrors built inside their training facility Which they flood to train their employees how to clean up the mess.

Hope to have as good a meeting In Tulsa next month.:smiley:

Great onsite vendor and information with TriLink. Thanks for setting it up Charley.

I’m sure you are welcome, but Jack set it up. The owner is a friend of his:D

Darn, I just saw this. I am about to take my NHIE here in Tulsa. Would have loved to attended this.

I tried to set up some meetings in Tulsa but could find no interest. Tulsa beats to a different drum