Jan 23rd Florida InterNACHI newsletter

I received a copy of the Florida InterNACHI newsletter today and noticed a mistake regarding education.

  1. InterNACHI provides all members with free, DBPR approved education here: www.nachi.org/education.

  2. The newsletter states to send in certificate of completion. This is incorrect. It is up to the educator to submit the student’s completion through their online tool within 30 days after the course has been completed. I have been submitting these courses for months for many members.

In order to make sure you are receiving state credit for approved courses, you must make you input your state license number and pick your state on the final exam page of a course (same page that you download your certificate from). Once you submit, we upload the course completion to DBPR within 7 days. They also post your education on your profile too. If you check your profile and are missing any InterNACHI courses you took, please email lisa@internachi.org with your license number and exam code.

Thank you Lisa

Now that is real value for the Florida NACHI member. Other associations should take notice and learn from it.

You would think that the “other” associations would realize that InterNachi is taking over because you get much more bang for your buck.

My kids and I take college courses on-line, my youngest had to take one on-line to graduate high school it is now required of all Florida kids. Taking days off of work to travel and pay for hotels to get CEUs is not really needed most of the time. It is nice to talk to other inspectors though. I have always said I learn more from other inspectors at the meetings than I do taking a live class.

Thanks Lisa!

Well said Steve…and thank you Lisa :slight_smile:

What “other associations?”… oh, you mean those no-benefits, logo-usage scams?

Great news Lisa, this Florida member appreciates all you do for us. :smiley:

Thank you lisa for the information.
Bruce bennett

Thanks Lisa!