Janitrol Condensing Unit Age

Janitrol (Goodman) condensing unit model # CL35-1EB, I have researched and can’t find a size for this condensing unit using the model #. I know it would be a 3 Ton if there were a 36 in the model number, anyone know the size of this unit ? Thanks !

You need the first two digits of the Serial number for the age, not the model number.

Take a look at your model number again. I’m guessing that it’s 36, not 35 (maybe it was worn and hard to read?). That would make it 3 tons.

Mark, I am looking for the size of ther unit. It is a 1991 built unit but with the model number having a 35 instead of a 36, I’m not sure of the size. I’m looking for the size, model# CL35-1EB

I see I have AGE on my posting title but actually I’m looking for the size, my mistake.

3 ton

Wayne has it right

2.9166 ton.