I am having difficulty viewing video, because of javascript not being enabled. Not even sure if I have it, unable to locate. Please advise.


Go to Java site and download for free


One easy way if you are running Winders:

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel
  3. Add/Remove Programs

Check to see if you have the java Run Time Environment installed. Not sure what browser you use?

I have java 2 run time. Where would I see if its enabled?
We have internet explorer as our web browser.

Not E man …but try going to tools -click internet options at the bottom then go to security.
Once at security click internet and go down the list to check that java is enabled.


Robert’s got you set.

Also depending on your browser and JAVA version go to “Tools” and click on the “Advanced” tab. There might also be an option there that requires checking. If you are running current versions of SUN’s JAVA plug in, once done there go to “Tools” and you may have a “SUN JAVA Console” selection. The console will provide you with a status printout. If it is SUN JAVA you will see that it is initializing correctly or what errors may be occurring.


One more thing. You can also go to . If your JAVA plug in is installed and working properly it will test and report on it just by accessing this page.

I don’t think you guys are talking about the same thing, javascript is not java. Javascript is the scripting language which runs on web pages in the browser. I don’t use IE, so I don’t know where the settings are for it, but javascript has nothing to do with java (except the first for letters of its name).

– bz


For a browser to run a JAVA applet you will need the JAVA Run Time Environment (JRE) properly installed and activated. The steps we are running through are ensuring the JRE is present and properly activated in the browser.

Unfortunately MicroScrew does not make things as simple as they originally claimed they would (originally as in post MSDOS). Another nice feature of FireFox is the actual simplicity of install, updating and plug-in adding.

7 replies before the first person stated the ovivous. The OP said javascript, not java. However, I’ve heard nothing else important asked, just a bunch of EXPERTS spouting off stuff.

What browser are you using?
What is the error message?
What OS are you using?
Is this a recognized source of movies(YouTube, etc.)? Nice you being Phished.



So are you saying that to run a JAVA applet you do not need the JAVA Run time environment installed as a plugin to the browser? Please enlighten us to how JAVA functions.

I’m saying, where did Gary say he had a JAVA error?

Rather than getting into a pissing contest with geeks, my post was for Gary.



If your post was for Gary then why the attack on other members trying to help Gary? As for Gary’s original issue post I will place it here so that you do not have to scroll up.

Gary Schering wrote:

Gary never mentioned anything about having a “JAVA error”. Gary is a highly intelligent person and from his post he has already determined that the issue was connected to not being able to run a JAVA applet/script/etc. His question was, as I interpret it, how to determine if he has all necessary components and settings to run a JAVA applet/script.

As for slinging names, do you really feel a need to berate others trying to help a fellow member? Can you shed some light into why you feel that need?