Jeff Barnes fired the Kansas Education Committee this morning.

He told them that they will no longer be needed to review courses, that he will do it, and approve them.

Mr. Barnes magically got his license #001, even before the inspection law went into effect in Kansas. Anyone wanna take a guess at how long it will take for InterNACHI’s pre-licensing course curriculum to get approved so that Jeff’s competitors can get a license?

You have got to be kidding me. Why even bother setting up any licensing board, just let it be Jeff Barnes State Licensing Board. He decides everything anyway. Out of control, should this be pointed out by the law firm again?


When did this happen??

Guys -

I think you’re misunderstanding Jeff. I don’t think Jeff Barnes has fired the Educational Committee.

Maybe he just chose to have himself and the Kansas HI Board do the Reviewing of the Approved Kansas Educational Providers, rather than allowing the Education Committee itself to do it (hes not on the Educational Committee).

I love posts like this, it simply confirms my (minority) beliefs regarding licensing.

This mess was brought about by well meaning home inspectors attempting to do good, coupled with evil home inspectors seeking a way to limit competition. Better buy a program, without it you won’t be able to tell one from the other. :wink:

Dan Bowers (who is on the Educational Committee) writes:

Your Committee had one responsibility. It has been taken away from you. Thus, you’re fired.

Nick gets it, Dan.

As Chairman, Barnes has appointed himself as dictator…not tie breaker. He is directing the actions of everyone on the board and every committee. He is exerting power that was never given to him and it has resulted in harm to the citizens of Kansas.

Have you contacted the newspapers, yet, or is this still just idle chatter?

The committee has not been fired!!


So “only board members can review education material” ???

Sounds to me like the Education Committee got fired. Jeff won’t even allow the Education Committee review educational material. What’s left for you to do? Sweep up the meeting room and make coffee?

The committee has no say in selecting education providers, which is one of the most important jobs of the committee.
With no education providers being approved to administer education (which should have been approved months ago), Barnes is causing harm to the newer inspectors because they cannot registered to be an inspector without the approved education. NACHI lawyers should be all over this. I hope Nick does not chose to sit on his hands on this issue.


Despite a recent 12-year study that resulted in a 93-page report by the U.S. Department of Education that says online education is better than classroom education,
… and despite InterNACHI’s courses being free, convenient and the most accredited and approved courses in the inspection industry
… how much would you like to bet that expensive, inconvenient classroom courses get approved first in yet another poorly disguised attempt to minimize the number of licenses the board issues to compete with license # 001.

Now Buck, technically you guys were never hired in the first place. Heir Barnes is the supreme leader. He will handle all and allow you to filter back into the work force. After all how difficult can it be to rule over 123 inspectors and keeping the doors closed?? Shades of the SOP committee, who put it together, only to have it dis-assembled by Heir Barnes and Lawyer. And everybody thought that the heavy fog for the last week was a work of nature.

To All -

I just had a conversation with the Education Committee Chair. Like all the Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board Members, he is concerned about getting things straightened up as quick as possible so we can get our “Out-of-Work” Kansas inspectors back to work - ASAP. Apparently there was just some confusion or mis-understanding about how the Educational review or approval process was to be handled under Kansas law.

Pat Regan told me that has been straightened out and clarified, and that the process is proceeding forward as originally intended.

That should hopefully mean that within the next week we should be going forward with some good news for the Kansas Inspectors this affects.

You say this as if “all is well”…

All this means is that Barnes’ latest act of abuse of his office sets the process back yet another week…

Another week while real estate salesmen run around warning the public not to use unlicensed inspectors…and the people who were tasked to have everything prepared to go by 1/1/2010 have yet to do anything but enrich themselves with their positions. Accordingly…those who are wanting to comply so that they can compete with Barnes…can’t.

This is a fraud…at the public’s expense.

It is inexcusable and should not escape the attention of the media.

Hopefully, you have contacted the reporter with the KC Star…

We’ll see if it got “straightened up.”

If Tom Lahoun’s (not knocking Tom, he is a friend of mine and should do what is in his best interest) courses get awarded approval before InterNACHI’s, we’ll know that Jeff Barnes is still running his little banana Republic and preventing new applicants from getting their licenses while he continues to do inspections (under license # 001) in something far short of a free market/level playing field.

Yep, just I figured, Nick is going to sit on his hands on this one too.

Actually, Nick has made the effort that others haven’t…and has contacted Dave Klepper of the KC Star.

The citizens of Kansas deserve to know all that they are not getting for their tax dollars…

James Braun, what have you done? Use the auto numbering bullet feature in Go Advanced to list you efforts. Our law firm has been fighting this since before the appointments.

Okay, I stand corrected, Jim.
I remember Nick saying a while back if the Kansas law harms any of his members he will get get involved. It is definitely harming Kansas members that have not been in business at least two years, and a case can be made for the rest of the Kansas inspectors. Hopefully he puts the hammer down on Molly’s owner. This inspector molester in Kansas has to be stopped and Nick can do it. I know he will get plenty of help. Dictators throughout the world fall and their supporters run in fear, Kansas should be no exception.